Woody Gets Lean and Muscular New Body In 8 Weeks

Feeling tired and sluggish and not on top of your game is something that so many people can relate to.

Woody's diet and lifestyle was leaving him low on energy.

But it's incredible what a different even just eight weeks can make – now he's leaner, stronger and more energised than ever after his UP body transformation. 

A bespoke nutrition plan and structured training with his personal training has transformed his health.

Woody says he wakes up every morning feel refreshed and full of energy, helping him excel at work and in the gym.

Here he explains how he was able to make such an impressive transformation with UP in just eight weeks. 

What were your expectations and motivations going into your 8-week programme?

My motivation before I started this was I'd plateaued in my fitness, and I'd wanted to reach the next level and really try and reach my full potential. 

To try and push myself to the limit and have someone else guide me there, show me new things and really change my mindset in a positive way – that was my motivation behind it. 

I expected to see results – quick results. I knew it would be hard work, but I wasn't scared to try hard. 

I really wanted someone to push me and really max me out. 


How were you feeling physically or mentally before you started here?

Before I started, I was very lethargic, and I would wake up tired. I was brunching every weekend, and I was drinking all the time. 

I just woke up feeling very sluggish and hazy. 

Ever since I started here it just activated me – I was much better and has much more energy. I would wake up positive, refreshed and ready for the day. 

Tell me about your diet and lifestyle before you started with UP?

My diet and lifestyle I was going out clubbing and partying and eating takeaway food, so I was always eating out and eating the wrong things. 

It could definitely be improved, and that was the other reason I came here – to motivate me in a positive way with my diet and lifestyle. 

How did your lifestyle change after you started with UP?

It changed pretty much instantly as soon as I started with UP. They changed my diet plan; they changed my outlook on how I see food. 

My trainer was always available on WhatsApp or emails – and every single day he was checking in with me to see what my weight was, how my body was feeling, what my motivation levels were – I think that extra bit of human touch really keeps you motivated and on track which is really important. 


What effect did this have on your performance, lifestyle and energy?

At the start of the training, it was a bit of a shock because I changed my diet and changed my training regime. But after two weeks I had more energy, I was sleeping better, my sleep patterns improved, I had more stamina at work, I was able to concentrate more, and it really changed me for the better. I was much more positive. 

What were your results like after 8 weeks?

After the 8 weeks, my results were excellent. I was extremely happy. 

I dropped some weight but I gained muscle. 

My body fat went from 13% to 8.7% in eight weeks, so that was really positive and I really could have done it any other way. 

What are the most important things you learned and what really worked to help make your transformation? 

What really worked for me was having all the trainers that motivated me every time I came in. It wasn't just my trainer, but everyone else on the floor – all the other trainers would pitch in and help out and suggest different movements. 

It's a really big team atmosphere here, which is very important. Everyone is trying to help each other out – it's a really big family of really positive, like-minded people. 

How has doing this transformation changed you?

It's changed me. It's changed me for good. It's changed the way I see training, the way I see my diet, the way I see nutrition, the way I see motivation and pushing myself. 

I've reached new levels of motivation and mind-strength that I never thought I could reach. 

I was hoping I could and I knew I would have to really, really try, but it has exceeded that even more. 

I'm able to push even further now. So moving forward it's going to change my training regime forever. 

Would you recommend UP?

I would definitely recommend UP. It changed my outlook on training and diet and my lifestyle completely. 

I've reached new levels of motivation and it made me reach my full potential and that's why I came here because I really wanted to see how far I could push my body and my mind and my strength. 

UP has been able to show me that you can do it. You've just got to be able to put your mind to it and work hard and it's there – anyone can do it. 

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