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9 Reasons You Should Exercise When You’re Pregnant

Pregnant? Exercise improves your cardio fitness and circulation, your physical strength, your mood and your self-esteem

Exercises You Can Do When You’re Pregnant

There are three things to remember if you’re trying to stay fit and active during your pregnancy

Make One Simple Change This International Women’s Day

Women are amazing, but there’s one thing we don’t do enough of…

Why Every Workout Is a Step Forward for Womankind

As long as women are told that the world of lifting and bodybuilding isnt for them, UP will be here opening the door

Should Women Really Train Differently to Men?

We look at the real differences in how women should train for fat loss, as opposed to men.

No Man Will Ever Tell Her ‘That’s Only For Boys’

Women should be free to do whatever they want; never be shackled by society’s expectations of “what a woman should do”

Silly Things Women Hear in Gyms

Women always hear things like ‘don’t get too big’ or ‘women aren’t made to be strong’. Here’s why these things are silly

Getting to the Bottom of the Perfect Butt

Want to achieve the perfect bum? Follow our tips and get your dream bum

Natural Remedies for PMS

We at UP Fitness share a number of natural remedies to help you overcome PMS

Bridal Boot Camp

Do you want to look your best on your wedding day? With our bridal package we can help you achieve your best shape

Isabel Schmidt: Why Women Everywhere Are Revolting!

Too fat’, ‘Too thin’, ‘Too Muscly’. Women are fed up of being told what their bodies should look like.

Female Fat Loss, Estrogen & Stubborn Lower Body Fat

Learn how estrogen is related to lower body fat and how you can lose fat with the help of our UP Personal Trainers

Women & the Stigma of Weight Training

Female bodybuilding is a very controversial subject in a lot of aspects, UP founder Nick Mitchell discusses it.

Weight Training for Females: The ‘Bulky’ Body Myth

Females weight training is a largely uneducated subject were many women think they will look ‘manly’.. Is this true?

Part 1: Should Women Train Differently to Men?

The first step for a woman to improve their physique is quite simple: “Stop reading women’s fitness magazines!” Almost everything you read in women’s fitness magazines is all fluff, further perpetuating the many myths and stereotypes surrounding female training. There is no such thing as ‘toning’, ‘shaping’ and ‘tightening’ the muscles. Instead, what most women […]

Part 2: Training Women vs. Men – 3 Key Differences You Need to Know

When training women, specific considerations needed for them fall into three categories: biomechanical, behavioural and biological. Part one of this article series highlighted some of the differences that exist between training men and women, centred predominantly around exercise selection, rest periods, volume and frequency. In this instalment, we aim to delve a little deeper and […]

Q&A: Female Figure Training & Diet

Feature from Nick Mitchells Q&A section, sharing some great advice on female training and nutritional guidance.

How Women Can Get Their First Chin-Up

Achieving your first chin-up is one of the best feelings youll ever get in the weights room, no matter…

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