Why an Hour of ‘Me Time’ Training Is Vital for Mums

I’m going to get on my soap box today.

Why oh, why do we lose our names when we get pregnant?

When do we become shorn of our identities and referred to as just ‘mummy’ by everyone and anyone?

Why do people stop looking at our faces and into our eyes?

Is this what it’s like when you have big boobs? (I’ve never been blessed that way in the boob department, but I hear that people speak to your breasts and not your face when they’re large).

I’ve spent a lot of time training women who are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or have had their baby.

Many of them have told me that I was the only person who spoke to them as if they were a whole, actual and separate person after they announced their pregnancy or gave birth.

“Hello Mummy!” Cute, isn’t it? NO! What if everyone stopped using your name one day and defined you by one single aspect of your life? “Hello Lawyer!”, “Hello Bodybuilder!,” “Hello Sailor!”

After you become pregnant, defining who you are, who you want to be, and managing everyone else’s projections of who they envisage you as being now that you’re a mother is a minefield enough without having your name removed into the bargain.

I had a friend who used to say to her daughter “I do exist outside of you, you know. I’m not just your mum, I have my own life as well. My entire existence isn’t only about you.”

She had a great point. “Hello Mummy” just removes all of that. That twee and reductivist five-letter word strips away a woman’s status as a full and individual person.

We won’t do this to you at Ultimate Performance. We’re not going to label you “Pregnant”, “Postnatal” or “Mummy”. We won’t make any assumptions about you and we’re not going to judge you on your performance at being a mother.

Whatever your circumstances and your aspirations, we’ll work with you and your vision of how fitness fits with this new chapter of your life. We are your team.

Your hour-long personal training session is all about you. It’s an uninterrupted hour of ‘me time’ where you can focus on your essential self and leave life at the door.

For that hour-long session your trainer is 100% focussed on you – bringing the best out of you, building a body that is strong, fit and functional, and helping you achieve your goals.

It’s 60 minutes where you can be yourself, in the moment – where nothing else in the world matters except pushing out that next rep. It’s a great feeling.

The same goes for new fathers too.  Men shouldn’t lose their names when they add fatherhood to their list of personal facets and descriptors.

But although nobody’s going to take your name away from you, my colleagues and I at UP know that, amidst sleepless nights, you will be going through your own process of defining fatherhood, looking after your relationship and re-balancing this with your career.

Your trainer will take this into account and coach you through these exciting times. What’s for sure is that we’re on your side.

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