What’s Your Secret?

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked “what’s your secret?” when it comes to fitness… I’ve also lost count of how many disappointed faces I’ve seen when I’ve given them the answer they didn’t want – “I worked my socks off”. No shortcuts. No quick fixes. Sorry.

There’s this amazing feeling when you see progress in fitness, from version 1.0 to now 3.0, all backed up by blood, sweat, and tears. Confidence comes along with that. The ability to challenge yourself more and more comes along for the ride as well. Trust in yourself. Trust in your gut feeling and what that voice on the inside is trying to tell you.

Many don’t see why you do what you do. That’s OK. You lose people because they don’t understand the way you live, people talk about you behind your back, and people overtly or secretly want you to fail and they often make that known through their words or interactions… Or lack of actions.

There will be very, very few close friends who will have your back and many who will drop out when things get tough. Those early mornings and late nights will test you every single day and the sacrifices you have to make for weeks on end make you sometimes doubt if you are missing out on anything.

The price of ambition, of success is high, the sacrifices are high, but if you are willing to take it on… It will pay you back a hundred times over.

Whatever your goal, build your future one action at a time. Know why you are doing what you are doing, because then you will have results for every action; spend a chunk of time committing to something and see what it’s like before moving in another direction.

Deciding that something is not for you is not giving up, it’s being smart about your life, what you want from it, and whether it fits into your path. Stand up for yourself when you need to, and grind. Grind your butt off. One day they will ask you how you did it too.