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WARNING: This post may contain nuts.

A sinister new menace is here that could harm your health. Is it an addictive new street drug or a toxic chemical? No, it’s errr *checks notes*…protein and coffee? Blending flavoured protein powder and espresso over ice sounds like a delicious way to increase your protein intake and enjoy the myriad benefits of caffeine on […]

Easy Transformation Food Swaps

To support you on your body transformation journey, we have a few simple food swaps that can help you stop eating high-calorie foods and swap them for healthy, balanced alternatives.

Five Steps to Reset After Going off Plan

It is difficult to follow your healthy routine when life keeps getting in the way, but these simple tips from our U.P. personal trainer will help you get back on track.

How to Measure Food Without a Scale

By using the palm of your hand, you can determine meal portions without the need to use a scale. Click inside to find out how.

Tips to Add Flavour to Your Veggies

Plain vegetables taste great with just a little seasoning, but over time it might get dull. Follow these tips from our U.P. trainer and you can spicing up your greens and increase your daily vegetable.

Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are common. Many of us crave sugar and feel an urge to eat something sweet now and then. To help you fight your sugar cravings, here are some helpful tips from our U.P. trainer.

Bench Press Mistakes You’re Making & How to Fix Them

Nick Mitchell rants about how not to bench press and one of the most common mistakes he sees in commercial gyms.

Nick Mitchell: Are Carbohydrates Your Enemy?!

Carbohydrates are given a bad rap by many but the truth is not all people need low carbs to lose weight effectively.

Q&A: Should I Take Steroids?

Nick Mitchell discusses whether you should take steroids and how we would advise personal training clients on this.

Nick Mitchell: Juice Fasts Are Rubbish!

UP Founder Nick Mitchell discusses the use of juice fasting and how they are extremely unhealthy for your body.

Nick Mitchell: The Truth About Nutritional Supplements

Nick Mitchell wanders into the taboo subject of nutritional supplements in the training industry, are they needed?

The Vitamin D3 Test: Do You Need It?

Vitamin D3: everyone serious about losing weight/gaining muscle should take a test to see if they’re receiving enough..

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