Ultimate Immunity Enhancement – The Health Secrets of one of the Top Personal Trainers in the USA

Ultimate immunity enhancement: for a long, healthy and strong life.

“We are only as strong as our immunity”

AL721 5cc
Aloe Vera Juice 20 cc
Astragallus 3 cc
Bitter Melon 12 oz
DHEA 500mg (only if over 40 or you have a cortisol/dhea imbalance determined by an ASI saliva stress test)
Folic Acid 400 mg
Hyperacin 300 mg
Siberian Ginseng
Liquorice root

*some of the ingredients in here have a multitude of body protective effects. They should all be synergistic unless you have some underlying condition. I believe some people can be allergic to Siberian Ginseng. The AL721 was at one time a drug used for aids patients, but I believe it now falls under the g.r.a.s.s. list in the States.

I essentially got this formula from a colleague who had a close friend come down with full blown AIDS nearly 15 yrs ago and sought the best ways to enhance his immunity. It has worked quite well for him. He is a competitive bodybuilder and admits that some periods are better than others. At times he feels it quite a struggle to hit the 230lb mark, while at others he can easily see 250 in competition shape. But more than that is the rather “normal” life this gentleman has lived. He has been able to maintain a high quality of life, virtually pain and sickness free.

I personally, on top of this already great regime would add two additional products Blood Protein made by Poliquin Performance (although they are rumored to be changing the name due to constant disturbance from vampires) the other is a good old fashioned colostrum drink. These used to be huge back in the 80’s and early 90’s as a great muscle builder…reason being, they figured it was the closest thing you could get to the milk from your own mom’s breast. While colostrum did fade away in sorts, it still remains a highly valuable arsenal in our quest to be healthy, which means better immunity, which means…you know it! More success in the gym.

Blood Protein is a sort of a cousin to colostrum not in where it comes from, but in how it jacks up the immunity through impressively high amounts of immunoglobulins. This product has much higher levels than anything on the market.
Colostrum also boosts the immunity along the same methods…very high amounts of immunoglobulins. It has been proposed that the best way to take these two products is 1tbsp of blood protein in the a.m. (perhaps with a protein drink). And the next day take a Tbsp of the Colostrum in the same manner. This strategy is both more cost effective and actually better for the body, than say, taking just one at a time.

There is another little something you may want to keep in you stock for times when it calls. It is a Homeopath called Neem. It has been shown to have both antibacterial and antiviral properties. It has been compared to Penicillin 5.

The formula at the top is to be ingested daily in the a.m. I am told that over in London these items may seem a bit pricey and difficult to find. The strategy is to buy in bulk and to look around. Some of the ingredients may not all be at your local grocery, but some of the little Asian shops carry them from time to time. Or you can always order with the miracle of the internet.

There is one last very important substance which you will use, but only very sporadically, as it is quite potent and known to kill most anything off that ails you. It’s name is Pranobex…every three months do a 10 day course of 6 Pranobex per day. Divided up throughout the day obviously.

Well that’s it…try this program, stick to it just as it’s outlined. And I will give Jake Hill’s own stamp of approval/guarantee that you will not only feel amazingly better, but because of the new found strength in your immunity, your time in the gym will be vastly more rewarding. You will have more energy, more strength than you thought; you’ll recover from workouts much quicker. This are just some of the essential components necessary that lead us to that blessed diamond in the sky we all seek…our perfect goal body and fitness.

Oh and a side note…yeah it’s pretty damn healthy for you aside from the blood and sweat of the gym. You may find yourself asking…you know I can’t remember the last time I had a cold. And hey…a powerful immune system is vital for a long, happy, healthy life. So why not try on a few extra years for size.

Article by US strength coach and personal trainer Jake Hill.