U.P. Fish Oil Supplement for Overall Good Health

As part of my Men’s Health supplement column I often have to write short briefs on a variety of supplements. My April 2009 piece on fish oil supplementation is possibly my most important due to the critical role that Fish oil should play in the overall metabolic process. Yes, they can significantly aid both fat loss and muscle building, but are also supremely beneficial to overall health and longevity too.

I won’t spoil the surprise and give away all the details here – you can go visit our main personal training website for that and read the fish oil supplementation article itself. Suffice to say that if I could take just one supplement onto a desert island with me it would be fish oil/omega 3s every single time.

Incidentally, I would also take the Poliquin brand as far, far too many of my personal training clients notice a huge difference between the quality of the Poliquin brand and regular store bought products.