Throw Out the Creatine!

In the ongoing quest to stay at the top of the coaching field I make it my job to endlessly question and scrutinise every product that may have an impact upon athletic performance and body composition. For years now creatine has been at the top of the pile of safe, naturally occurring ergogenic aids and rightly so. It’s a substance that has been scientifically proven to enhance performance in countless peer reviewed trials and has been safely used by numbers that could approach the millions.

Yet despite all this stellar publicity I am here to rain on creatine’s parade. I have observed in too many people for this to be coincidence that creatine’s cell voluminising effect and increased physical performance (allowing for a few more reps / lbs in a given exercise) markedly diminishes with each successive cycle. My conclusion is that creatine is great for a first time user, and then I think its application is quite limited.

However, all is not doom and gloom as science has recently brought us a far more effective “replacement” for creatine. This is a substance that is again backed up by a significant body of peer reviewed research work, and where it differs from creatine is that it seems to produce neither the latter’s temporary water retention, cramping, or intermittent gains. In short, it is the most exciting natural ergogenic aid to hit the market in 15 years!

Its name is beta-alanine….