The Wake-Up Call That Will Save Your Life

Tell me about “health at every size”, the slogan that has been co-opted by some “fat acceptance campaigners”. Idiots who would tell you the moon is made of cheese, if it suited their agenda, to exhort us that obesity is “not bad for you at all, actually”.

I also have to add, as some people (deliberately?) get this all skewed, that the fitness industry doesn’t hate fat people. That’s such a ridiculous notion made up by un-resilient people who can’t handle the truth.

The fitness industry is full of people who were once fat and caught the fitness bug. If we weren’t fat, our best clients were/are! 

Yes, there are absolute idiots who mock the fat woman as she struggles on the treadmill. You do know that these spankers are the same people who mock anyone who is different (clothes, accent, big/small muscles) and that their opinion should be as worthless to you as the shit that you find inside a frozen Tesco’s budget prawn. 

The fitness industry itself is full of people who want to help others and we LOVE to see overweight people exercising and trying to take control of their bodies. To us, this is inspirational. 

But don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining – being obese is bad. In fact, obesity is linked to all-cause mortality. In other words, obesity will hasten your risk of untimely death in every conceivable manner. We are fed up with being called “fat haters” for doing the one thing that obese people really need – giving them the wake-up call that will save their life.

Every single person I know who has turned their obesity problem around has needed their own version of that wake-up call. 

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