The Ultimate Result: Glenn’s 3 Month Transformation

Sometimes photos do all the talking in a testimonial, and in this case, we will simply let you see what can be achieved with 3 months of extremely hard work and intelligent coaching. These startling results are meant to inspire above all else, as emulation is only for the most dedicated! Nick Mitchell's forthcoming Body Transformation book (written with Charles Poliquin) will detail not just all the programmes, but also the psychology and motivation required to affect such a physical change in such a short space or time. Instead of Glenn's own words, none other than Charles Poliquin had these things to say, when presented with the results: “With these startling results, Nick Mitchell has reaffirmed himself as one of Europe’s top personal trainers. I myself saw Glenn at the early stages of his transformation and to see him come so far in such as short space of time is a testament both to his own steely determination and work ethic, and to Nick’s depth of experience and coaching knowledge". 

The ability to construct a program that garners such results in an individual living a regular working life, and not that of a professional athlete is all too rare, yet using many of Nick’s own methods combined with some of the advanced Poliquin principles that I have personally taught to Nick over the years to Glenn’s life changing transformation, shows what can be done in just a three month period!”.


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