The Importance of Breakfast for Fat Loss & Muscle Building

How many of you skip breakfast because you just can’t stomach it?

(pardon the terrible pun!)

It is a bit of a cliche, but we drill into our personal training clients that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

And no, breakfast is NOT a bowl of Special K. Try to remember that the first 30gms of protein you eat in a day goes to the support of your immune system. This should tell you that you must eat protein first in the day. “Protein” incidentally is a Greek word that means “of primary importance” – these Ancients knew a thing or two! Without a properly functioning immune system you can kiss goodbye to fat lossmuscle building, and far more importantly good health!

I know that many of you you can’t stomach breakfast, so please try to slowly add a small amount of food. Two boiled eggs and a small amount of natural, fat free, organic yogurt would be a great start to the day for many of of those who have gone years with nothing better than an early morning cup of coffee. Of course there are reasons for an early morning lack of appetite and distaste for food – it almost always has to do with impaired digestion and is something that we aim to fix immediately with all our personal training clients.