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8 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated During Ramadan

Ramadan is a special time for millions of Muslims around the world and is a period of devoted worship and self-reflection. Fasting is at the heart of the 30-day period, where Muslims will refrain from consuming food and drink from dawn until sunset. These long hours with no food and water can be challenging in […]

Ramadan: How our Ultimate Performance trainers approach training and nutrition

For many Muslims around the world, Ramadan can be a challenging time when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness.   During the Holy Month, long hours of fasting without food or water followed by hearty Iftar meals with family and friends can make sticking to a training regime and healthy eating habits all the more difficult.   […]

How to Stay Active over Christmas: 5 Key Tips

Christmas is the time in the year where people relax, eat and drink more, and exercise goes out the window. But there’s one simple way you can stay healthy, maintain your bodyweight and get yourself in the best position to kick in the New Year – and that’s increasing your daily activity levels.   Although finding ways to make time for […]

The 6 Golden Nutrition Rules You Need to Survive Christmas

Christmas is a time when many people can find their discipline and consistency with nutrition wane.  This can quickly lead to overindulgence with festive food and drink.  The problem lies in the “all or nothing” approach, when, in fact, there is no need to say “no” to everything.   Instead, the main aim around the festive period should be to enjoy everything in […]

How Ultimate Performance Trainers Workout Over Christmas

Ever wondered how our personal trainers workout over Christmas? With more social occasions, family events and usually less time to train, it can be difficult to stick to your usual workout routine. Plus finding the motivation to hit the weights when your friends are out partying can be hard. We spoke to some of our […]

New Year’s Resolution? A New Year’s Plan is Better

A word on resolutions – they rarely work as we all know, but optimistic wishful thinking usually outweighs experience at this time of year. Rather than give yourself a resolution, instead formulate a plan, and as we all know plans are best broken down step by step. So if you want to lose 20lbs my […]

Catherine Tyldesley’s Christmas Leftover Turkey Paleo Pie

It’s Boxing Day, you’ve overindulged the day before and you have tons of leftover turkey. Are you sick of chocolate and sweets? Is the only thing you’re craving something nutritious and healthy? Don’t worry, Catherine Tyldesley has the perfect recipe for you! Plus, it uses up all that leftover turkey from Christmas Day — perfect! […]

Catherine Tyldesley’s Paleo Chocolate Orange ‘Squidgies’ Recipe

The Christmas holidays are usually associated with calorie-laden snacks, sweet treats and overindulgence. If you’re heading to a family get-together, you’ll be surrounded by plates of mince pies, slices of cakes and tins of chocolates. Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to be tempted! That’s why we invited Catherine Tyldesley into the U.P. kitchen to share her […]

Are Your Festive Drinks Causing You to Gain Weight?

Are Christmas coffees and hot chocolates from places like Starbucks and Costa causing unwanted Christmas weight gain?

Luxury Protein Hot Chocolate Recipe

Take five and Indulge in this Diet-Friendly, High-Protein Hot Chocolate

Top 5 Breakfast Recipes for a Fat Loss Diet

Our top 5 delicious breakfast recipes for fat loss

Top 5 Lunch Recipes for a Successful Body Transformation Diet

Top 5 lunch recipes for an easy fat-loss transformation

10 Golden Rules to Weight Training for Over 40s

Weight training over 40 is the key to better health, fat loss, strength and muscle mass. Read these 10 golden rules

Fat Loss Nutrition: Top 5 Easy Food Substitutions

Top 5 easy food substitutions to keep your fat loss diet on track

5 Nutrition Habits to Stay Lean & Healthy Forever

Educate yourself with just 5 simple rules and taking care of your body for a lifetime will be easier than you think.

7 Benefits of Weight Training More Women Should Know

Strength training is great for fat loss, but there are many more benefits to lifting weights that women should know

Why Eating a High-Protein Breakfast Is Key for Fat Loss

If you’re not eating a high protein breakfast, this research on fat loss and muscle growth will change your mind

7 Simple Ways to Stay Shredded Over Christmas

Follow our 7 simple ways of ensuring your stay fit and shredded over Christmas

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