Sam Responds to the Assumptions About Her Body Transformation

I was once told by a UP trainer that when someone says your transformation is ‘fake’, it’s the biggest compliment you can get. 

It happens a lot.

Now, of course, with the world of digital media, glossy magazines and models being thrown at you from every angle it’s understandable that knowing whether anything is ever real or not is a tough decision to make, but that’s where being educated comes in handy; especially within the fitness industry.

Over the last six months or so, I have shared my own fitness journey with as many people who want to know about it, which has at times meant baring all. If I’m honest, I certainly didn’t expect the public to be as positive and supportive as they were – the world isn’t a bad place after all.

But, there were some doubts and concerns…which is fair. Then there were some, let’s say, not-so-supportive comments.

All of our client results at UP have taken some serious work, dedication and commitment from both clients and trainers, so I feel the need to set some records straight and I’ll set them straight with my own experience. So here we have 5 of the ‘lies’ you think we are telling:

1. She’s Fake!

Well, I’m not. Ha.

Ultimate Performance is a real global business, with real trainers, real clients and most important of all – real results.

One of those real results is me.

Now you could say that it’s ‘photoshopped’ but for one, we would never get away with it, and two…I worked my absolute arse off to get that result, so there’s no way I’d be letting anyone photoshop anything.

The transformations our clients achieve really are incredible and to the uneducated eye, you would probably think it was impossible.

However, if you were to spend just a little bit of time looking into what it is our trainers do, the changes our clients make to get those results, and the many years of experience UP has producing these results, then you would soon see just how real it all is.

Not to mention our clients would definitely have a thing or two to say to any ‘non-believers’.

2. She Looked Fine Before

One thing I have learnt that looking healthy and being healthy are two very different things.

My diet used to be horrendous. I used to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and wouldn’t think twice about what I was doing to myself both mentally and physically. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

That wasn’t all. Before my transformation with UP, I was suffering severely with anxiety, stress and depression. I was tired, unsociable, grumpy, lost and had zero confidence with anything…I wasn’t in a good place.

We’re all grown up and adult enough to know you should never judge a book by its cover, which in this day and age is even easier to do thanks to the wonderful yet deceiving ways of social media. So yes, I may not have looked the worse but it doesn’t mean I didn’t feel it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt as happy as I do now and I know I’m very lucky to feel this way, but it’s certainly not just down to ‘luck’. I made a change to get to this place, a change that some may think will never happen for them – only it can, you just need to know how.

3. She Doesn’t Eat

I bloody do!

In fact, I eat more food now than I ever have before.

The goal with my 12-week transformation was to get as lean as possible, so I was on what you would call a ‘calorie deficit’ – which basically means I was eating fewer calories than I burned during the day. When I say that, I still had four good meals a day, topped off with a good old protein shake. My body had everything it needed, that’s for sure.

Now, my diet is more relaxed because my goal has changed so I can still enjoy a good burger and the odd takeaway without feeling bad about it. So when I’m told “you need a good pie and chips love” (say that in a Northern accent please), don’t you worry about that, I’ll get round to it.

4. She’s Gym Obsessed

This one is easy.

I trained four times a week for just one hour throughout my 12 weeks – four hours out of a grand total of 168, and for the most part I didn’t do anything over the weekends, I just enjoyed them.

Those are the hours I spent in the gym but one thing so many people miss is that it doesn’t matter how hard you train or how long you do it for…if your diet is wrong, nothing will change.

Every trainer at UP will tell you; it’s not about the one hour you spend in the gym but how you spend the other 23 that matters.

The other point to mention is that once you start training the right way, once you start seeing results, and once you notice the benefits – you can’t help but love it.

5. She Can’t Maintain It

The proof is in the pudding (yes, I can eat pudding).

The thing is, I don’t see it as a challenge anymore, I see it as a way of life.

UP specialise in transforming lives, not just their physiques.

They teach our clients how to live a healthy lifestyle, whilst leading a busy and successful life. To do this, you are taught that if you train smart and hard, eat the good stuff (no, not just chicken and veg) and make better decisions, it’s not difficult.

January will come around and those who want to ‘get back on it’ will think they need to be in the gym every day, sweating for hours on end, starving themselves.

Please! It doesn’t have to be that way.

I think the main thing to take from this is that just because you don’t know how to do something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

The majority of our clients come to UP for the same reason – because they have a goal, but they don’t quite know how to get there.

That’s where UP get involved and it doesn’t take long for our clients to see that, not only can they achieve it, but they can achieve it without moving heaven and earth to do it.

I’ve been in their shoes and it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. So much so, you can read about the whole 12 weeks! 

And if you still don’t believe me, why not try and see for yourself?

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