Sales Manager Feels Lean and Energised in 13 Weeks

Nothing can compare to feeling on top of your game both physically and mentally.

This was something sales manager Shubeeh had lost as he edged towards 40.

The Manchester sales manager says he felt tired, overweight and demotivated before started his transformation journey at Ultimate Performance.

After just 13 weeks the 38-year-old has transformed his health, his physique and his lifestyle – getting his 'A-game' back.

Now he says his confidence and his energy levels are sky high, and his whole outlook on life has improved. 

Shubeeh, who manages sales for a software firm, said: "I was feeling very old, overweight and tired, so my primary motivation was to regain a feeling of energy and confidence."

Physically he says he was feeling 'lethargic, bloated and old' – something a lot of busy professionals can relate to. Mentally, Shubeeh says he was 'fatigued, unconfident and lacking motivation.'

Before he came to UP his diet and lifestyle were typical of many high-flying executives – lots of takeaways and foods that were high in calories and low in nutrients.

"I got into a bad habit of ordering Deliveroo every evening for months," he explains. "I ate a lot of comfort food full of carbs and fat but not very nutritious."

This lifestyle had taken its toll on his health and on his energy levels, and at 38 he wanted to make a big change to that.

Coming to Ultimate Performance gave him the change he was looking for in his life. Simple changes to his diet and nutrition under the guidance of his personal trainer made a profound difference both to the way he looked, but also the way he felt.

He says it helped him overhaul his diet, explaining: "I learned that I don't actually enjoy too many carbs in my diet and also became much more in-tune with when I was hungry as opposed to just eating for the sake of it."

Shubeeh says it had a huge effect on his health, his performance and energy levels, and his lifestyle both inside and outside of the gym.

"I felt invigorated, so I stayed away from the usual ‘junk carbs’ and wine even more to maintain that feeling – loads more energy, a more positive outlook and loads more confident."

It's not just a physical transformation or even the fact that he has been able to turn his health around – the 13-week process has been a lifelong education and Shubeeh has learnt some powerful lessons that will stand him in good stead for the future and a long and healthy life. 

"I learnt a lot about nutrition and how to balance my diet around social life. I learnt that I'm capable of achieving anything if I put my mind to it."

The knowledge that Shubeeh has gained is already helping him stay in great shape after his transformation

"(It has) really benefited me a month on, as I'm still making much better lifestyle choices. Not because I have to, but because I want to and understand the benefits."

But perhaps the biggest lesson of all is about the benefits of nutrition and exercise for long-term happiness.

Shubeeh says "A happy life comes from a healthy body and healthy mind. No matter whether people join for weight loss or to weight gain, everyone seems to come out mentally and physically refreshed from it." 

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