Quick and Easy Fat Loss Method

We all like quick fix fat loss tricks and my years as a body composition / weight-loss specialist has equipped me with countless ways to drop body fat in the fastest possible time. Our BioSignature programme is still probably the single swiftest “system” that any one seeking to get in their best possible shape could ever use, but sometimes we all prefer simple ways to drop fat without really seeming to even try.

Far and away my favourite method of quick and easy fat loss centres around carbohydrate manipulation. Most notably, I never ever fail to not see a decent level of rapid fat loss when a client eliminates grains, especially wheat, from their diet. With regards to fat loss this is definitely the most important general principle that you should understand regarding carbohydrate intake. Remember this (in fact, its such an important principle for fat fat loss that I am going to “shout” it at you!) – WHEAT INFLUENCES BLOOD SUGAR IN THE SAME WAY AS PLAIN REFINED TABLE SUGAR!

If you wish to drop body fat fast, ditch the breads and the pastas right away.

*Please note, these articles on BioSignature Modulation are maintained for historical interest and no longer reflect our current practices. We do not endorse BioSignature as a methodology.