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The Best Supplements in the Business

By Nick Mitchell The world of nutritional supplementation can be a very confusing one full of conflicting advice, vested interests, half truths, and smoke and mirror advertising gimmicks. Let us try to demystify the jargon and provide sound and rational advice that works for real people in real situations. We have tried and tested every […]

Krill Oil for Fat Loss & Optimal Health – Why Any Personal Trainer Should Know About This Key Supplement

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, no doubt, you have heard of the many “cures all” benefits of high grade fish oil. Yes the benefits are more than plentiful when used correctly. It absolutely should be at the staple of any serious supplement program. Regardless of age, body weight, […]

Blood Protein & Colostrum – What Your Personal Trainer Should Tell You

I don’t like to make blanket statements, but sometimes habits are there to be broken. Protein is beneficial to all of you who are seeking to build muscle and support a healthy immune system (the latter is ALWAYS necessary for the former). Hardly earth shattering stuff I know, but sometimes it seems that people need […]

Beta Alanine – Supplements for the 21st Century Personal Trainer

When an icon tells you something about their field of expertise it always pays to listen carefully. So when Charles Poliquin, the undisputed guru of modern strength training and conditioning, told me that the supplement Beta Alanine was one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern sports supplementation I stopped working out and started listening. […]

Best Supplements for Carbohydrate Intolerance & Insulin Resistance

Insulin control is the key to rapid, effective fat loss for up to 80% of the population. Those of you who always seem to carry excess weight around the love handle area will also be the same people with a genetic intolerance to carbohydrates who crash out after eating a big bowl of pasta. It […]

Omega 3 Supplementation

The following article on Omega 3 supplementation is a slightly more detailed version of one published in the April 2009 Men’s Health magazine. I am often asked what my number one fat burning supplement is. My reply of fish oil is hardly the radical “secret” most personal training clients were looking for. When they then […]

Beta Alanine Supplementation for Recovery

The bulk of following article by David Barr on Beta Alanine supplementation first appeared on the wonderful Elite Fitness Systems website. We very rarely find work that we can wholeheartedly endorse, but this piece on the myriad of positive uses for the relatively new nutritional supplement Beta Alanine stands out from the crowd and complements […]


How much protein should I consume every day? As ever there is no hard or fast answer to this one. It all depends upon your goals. However, if you are undertaking some form of resistance training programme (as we would advise every healthy adult in the world to perform) then our recommendations could range from […]

Fats For Fat Loss

I try not to eat any fat because I want to stay slim, but my UP personal trainer has told me this is a crazy idea and that I must consume fats for fat loss. Remind me again why? You are one of those people who believe that eating fat will make you fat and […]

How to Handle Festive Foods

Dieting at Christmas? There Are Better Ways… It’s that time of year when temptation is all around us and no one wants to be a party pooper and munch on celery sticks and chicken breasts when there is mashed potato, turkey, sausages, bacon, stuffing, apple sauce and lots of Christmas pudding and brandy butter (in […]

How to Fight Christmas Cravings and Win

How To Fight Cravings! Christmas is coming, and the goose isn’t necessarily the only thing that’s getting fat. We are beset with temptations and indulgences on all sides, be it the office party, festive drinks with friends, or family blow outs. For anybody seeking to maintain or get in shape, this can be an incredibly […]

Eat Like An Eskimo!

This is the first part of a though provoking piece on the benefits of a lower carbohydrate (Eskimo) diet. In a number of different forms we often espouse this general type of nutrition to our personal training clients. Yes, we always bring individual twists to nutritional protocols because we are all have slightly different biochemistries […]

Warm Up Properly – Dynamic Flexibility

I wince whenever I see some misguided trainee stretch themselves into pretzel like contortions before undertaking their workout proper. This is the absolute wrong way to prepare the body for any intense training activity as traditional static stretching (assume the position, stretch and hold) can both temporarily weaken the muscle being stretched as well as […]

UP Supplement Recommendations

OUR TOP RATED SUPPLEMENTS Effective nutritional supplementation is an absolute must for anyone seeking to optimise their health or athletic performance (the latter cannot exist without the former in any event). We are so beset with poor food choices and toxic levels of pollutants that even the fish in our rivers are turning into hermaphrodites, […]

UP Book Recommendations

EXERCISE AND FITNESS TITLE:The Poliquin Principles AUTHOR: Charles Poliquin If there is just one author whom I could endorse for intelligent prose and interesting ideas on exercise protocols, then it has to be Coach Poliquin. A man doesn’t become the most successful strength and conditioning coach in the world by accident, and the Poliquin Principles […]

Tasty, Diet-Friendly Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

A tasty take-away treat, low-carb and high protein tikka masala is a taste sensation.

Transformation Tips: How to Stick to Your Diet

Ultimate Performance clients share their best tips to help stick to your diet on a body transformation

Gemma Atkinson’s Training Blog: Week 1) I Lost 5lbs in the First 7 Days

Gemma Atkinson writes about Week 1 of her fat loss body transformation journey with Ultimate Performance

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