Nick Mitchell: The Biggest Fitness Marketing Lies

Fitness Marketing Bullsh*t!!

If you organise a business focused conference and you have to cancel it because you can’t get enough “business”, doesn’t that suggest you have no bl**dy right trying to take people’s money for something like this in the first place?!

All of you PTs should beware of the mass of bullsh*tters in “fitness marketing”.

Go with someone who has actually done something, not someone who bleats a lot but who has never proved themselves in business.

There are so many “mentors”, gazillion “figure trainers” and “marketing experts” out there. 99% of them are regurgitating the same stuff from the same sources, and are just out to do two things – to pump up their bank balance and their egos.

Save your money and spend it on things that might grow your business. You may well fail. In fact, if you try hard enough you will fail. A lot.

Do you have any idea how many times I have screwed up, made judgement errors, been shafted, defamed, and had my trust broken? And it will continue to happen for as long as I own a business.

You learn your best lessons by getting stuck in and trying things out. Not by paying to watch/read some never-was trainer preach about things he/she knows nothing about.

And there are people out there who are worth listening to in personal training business development. I’m on record as saying that Jon Goodman and Paul Mort both talk sense, and have intelligent and thought provoking ideas. But guys like this are as rare as rocking horse sh*t.