Nick Mitchell: My New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

It’s fashionable to scoff at the ubiquitous resolutions and short-lived good intentions associated with the New Year.

Serious gym goers are especially wary as all too often our exercise experience is ruined by the January hordes who then abruptly disappear once they realise that results are earned, not magically bought by the mere act of purchasing a gym membership.

We all know that the best time to turn over a new leaf is today, there’s no point waiting until January 1st because that’s just a less available version of the “I’ll start my diet on Monday” excuse.

However, using the turn of the year to make some positive changes to your life can only be a good thing, so in the spirit of that here are my own resolutions for 2018.

I’m not seeking perfection – my life is too challenging for that. But if I can stick to 75% of them for at least three months, then I’ll consider it a job well done.

Average weekly calorie intake of 21,000

Dietary restriction is always my bête noire – I overly associate relaxing with eating, and now that I have all the limitations caused by my gut reactions to Lyme disease it’s often a challenge not to splurge on the few “bad” things that I can eat.

I know that if I stick to an average daily calorie intake of 3,000 for long enough, I’ll be as lean as I want to be. More importantly, I’ll be lighter at around 230lbs, which is where I should be now that I’m in my mid-40s and have intermittent high blood pressure (again, thank you Lyme disease).

Stretch – 30 minutes per day

Like far too many men out there (women tend to be much better), I just don’t stretch often enough. I find it boring and totally unsatisfying.

However, due to time constraints (thanks again to Lyme and the multiple medical trips per week I have to take), I’ve struggled to find a good soft tissue therapist here in LA, so I’m now in desperate need of releasing a bunch of trigger points in my overly-knotted muscles.

I have no excuse whatsoever to not stretch for 30 minutes every day. I can do it whilst talking with my kids or unwinding before bed.

Meditate every day

I’m world-class at stopping and starting meditation. When I do it, I feel the benefit – it may “all be in my head”, but isn’t that the point of meditation anyway?

I think every busy adult would benefit from some form of meditation and whilst I’m very intrigued by the uber-successful people who manage to do TM (transcendental meditation) twice a day, I know my limits!

All I want to do is use the free Headspace app for three measly minutes per day. Again, I’ve no excuses whatsoever, so I’m allowing zero tolerance with this one.

Go away with my family at least four times next year

It doesn’t have to be a lavish trip abroad; it could be camping in the woods eating bread and drinking water, just so long as it’s active, present time in the moment, talking, laughing and sharing with my family.

Business goals

These are my business, specific to me and the people who are on the UP journey with me and not to be shared but suffice to say that I think everyone should have some career/personal development goals that push them out of their comfort zone.

And my final resolution is that one day I’ll have the time to try to write a novel. But that won’t happen in 2018, so I won’t waste time tilting at windmills.

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