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Trainer Emily Earns Her Dream Job at U.P. Los Angeles

Trainer Emily talks about her journey from junior female trainer at U.P. to earning her dream job at U.P. Los Angeles

The Principles of a Body Transformation Meal Plan Design

Principles of Body Transformation Meal Plan Design (UP Encyclopaedia of Personal Training)

U.P. Launches World-Class Cheshire Gym With VIP Party

Ultimate Performance celebrated the opening of its new U.P. Cheshire gym with a VIP launch party

Ultimate Performance Founder Nick Mitchell Talks Business

Ultimate Performance CEO Nick Mitchell talks business in this revealing Q&A

EatUP Meal Preparation Launches in Singapore

Find out more about EatUP and the 45 delicious dishes on the gourmet menu in Singapore…

Trainer of the Year Adam Ready to Head Up U.P. Sydney

U.P. Trainer of the Year Adam has become the company’s youngest gym manager at 24 as he becomes the head of U.P. Sydney

U.P. Launches First Flagship US Gym in Los Angeles, California

U.P. has launched its flagship US gym in Los Angeles, bringing its ‘maximum results, minimum time’ mantra to America

U.P.’s Third London Gym Launches in Kensington

Ultimate Performance has launched its third gym in London with the opening of the new U.P. Kensington