My First Day Working Out & Training at Ultimate Performance

The day before a new job, the normal thing would be to go over some last minute research, prepare your outfit, sort travel arrangements and loads of other boring but necessary bits to get you ready for your first day. My wonderful and astonishingly youthful looking new boss, Nick Mitchell – Founder of Ultimate Performance and well known Muscle & Fitness Columnist, tells me the day before my first day working as UP’s PR Manager, ‘don’t forget your gym kit’.

Before we get started, I’ll give you a bit of a background on ‘me’…I had been a competitive gymnast since I was a tiny bean, doing somersaults and stuff, throwing myself across a sprung floor as fast and as complicated as I physically could or ‘falling with style’ as Buzz Lightyear would say. The great thing with gymnastics is how physically demanding it can be without really noticing, so you enjoy your ‘exercise’. The problem with getting old, snapping your Achilles and not being able to do the sport you love, is finding something that’s motivating and inspiring enough to keep you active. So this is where I’m at now – I have no routine, no plans and nothing to get me feeling good about my body again…so I brought my kit.

To start me off and give me an introduction to how UP Fitness works, I took part in a Group Session which is bunch of 20 sessions over the next 6 weeks, with Personal Trainer Steve. Steve’s a big lad, so if I was completely honest, I was scared. The group training consists of circuit like sessions focusing on specific areas of your body. Today was a ‘total body’ day, so in my eyes, I was about to give my whole body a battering…I was right.

The gym itself is super impressive too, with high quality and ‘fancy’ looking equipment, a cool, modern feel and just an overall ‘we mean business’ look. In my eyes, training somewhere with this kind of professional vibe is exactly where you need to be to stay motivated and be in the zone. The trainers are all super friendly so there’s really no need to worry that just because you’re not a ‘gym fiend’ already, you will feel out of place or looked down on. If you’re not used to coming into this kind of environment it can be pretty scary but at UP, it’s just not the case.

The group session had me sweating, hurting and throwing up…twice but I wanted to get stuck right in with the extreme training and show the team what I was (or wasn’t) made of. I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt like hell but I had the right amount of motivation, discipline and encouragement to keep going, so despite the fact I thought my legs were about to fall off, it was awesome. The difference with UP compared to other gym’s I’ve been in is the quality of training you take part in. Not only are you pushing your body to the limit, you’re also doing it right. I’m just as bad as anyone else when it comes to not thinking about the technical stuff but they worry about that for you, the only thing you need to know is that it works.

Today (the day after), I’m feeling it. I feel bruised, sore and will most likely have a few stares due to the way I’m currently walking but here’s something to remember when you’re feeling a bit tender; no pain no gain. Cheesy but true. It may have been my first day, I may have ran off to puke (twice) and I may be beating myself up at how pathetic I feel right now but I can’t wait to get right back into it.

My aim is to get fit, feel good and increase my appetite (so I can eat more of course) so if that means working my ass off to get there, I’ll do it. The 2nd day of training is tomorrow and it’s ‘leg day’, which is terrifying considering I currently feel like my legs have died and gone to heaven. The weird thing is, I can’t wait. After going from training 4-5 times a week, 3-4 hours at a time to not really doing much at all, I know the effect not exercising has on you and just how much of a positive impact it can have on you both mentally and physically. Let’s just say it’s worth the pain you put your body through and if you follow me and my training, you may get an inkling of why exercising is such a big deal.

Now I won’t bore you too much with my nattering but do feel free to follow my little training journey. My aim is to give you a very honest diary of how I get on with training, from a normal being with a skinny leg and who knows, it may give you the motivation you need to get stuck in and of course if you do, you know where to go.

Until next time,