Tips to Help Manage Your Hormones – Q&A with Nick Mitchell and Catherine Tyldesley

Your hormones play an integral role in your health. So when your hormones are out of balance, the effects can be felt across your whole body.

Many women can experience a range of symptoms, including weight gain, low mood, anxiety, fatigue and even pain.

But lifestyle changes around diet, exercise, sleep and smart supplementation can all help.

Ultimate Performance founder Nick Mitchell discusses some of the best strategies for women to manage their hormones with actress and U.P. client Cath Tyldesley.

Cath: A lot of women have messaged me. I’m very open about the fact that I very much look at the hormone side of things.

Again, something that I’ve learned through U.P. is how to balance out my hormones.

A lot of women that are new mums or that have several children are really struggling. Are there any tips that you can give women out there?

I noticed another lady just asked about tips for being perimenopausal. I mean, hormones control things a lot, right?


Nick: Well, okay, for what? Perimenopause? About menstruation?


Cath: A big one for me is the cycle. You know, once a month before I educated myself, I for five days would literally want to eat my own face.

It was the sugar, you know, I was craving the starchy carbohydrates. What should we be eating at that time?


Nick: When you’re craving something, it’s either because you got a lack of something. So, for instance, when you crave salty foods, you’re not eating enough salt in your diet, right?

Something very simple. But for women, you can eat more carbohydrates around menstruation.

Go for things like chocolate. You know, women crave chocolate, right? At some times.

So, go for the healthy option. Go for dark chocolate. 80% cocoa at a minimum. Have a little bit of a treat, and don’t be hard on yourself.

But, conversely, don’t batter yourself. Don’t make it such a chore that you feel like you’re in prison every month. If women are getting menstrual cramps every month and things like that, a lot of women will see a lot of benefit from GLA – so evening primrose oil.

A couple of 500-milligram capsules a day of evening primrose oil goes a long, long way with some women. If I was female, I would be taking 500 milligrams of evening primrose oil, and 2-3 grams of good quality fish oil, every single day.

I would be taking magnesium, and I mean, I don’t want to pimp supplements. But we have a product called Estro Support that helps a lot of women and the feedback has been unbelievable.


Cath: It’s amazing. I’m not being paid to say that. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful.


Nick: Now it’s probably out of stock because it’s always out of stock. That’s the problem, right? Because we can’t make enough. But I mean this helps just balance things out, right?

That’s me, pimping something. But I’m not pimping evening primrose oil. I’m not pushing fish oil.

If you’re an adult male or female, you should be taking 500 milligrams minimum of magnesium at night, in the evening.

It can loosen your stool a bit, so some people need to be careful to start with it. But again, step by step, step it up. Around 70-75% of the adult population is deficient in magnesium.

You need magnesium for about 300 different kinds of things – let’s call it chemical reactions in your body. So it’s a cofactor for many things. Really important.

Personally, I use Estro Support. I take one cap of it. Because we’re swimming in a sea of what they call “xenoestrogens.”

In other words, foreign estrogens, plastic, microwaves.

I think men have 40-50% less testosterone now than their grandparents. It’s just awful.


Cath: Oh my God, that’s what really surprised me. Wow!


Nick: Pollution, environmental pollution and stress. Mobile phones being on all the time and social media.

A doctor once said to me if you have got to take supplements there is something wrong with your diet, do you agree?

No. That’s a really backward way of thinking.

Supplements are tertiary. They are “supplementary”. Now the most important thing for your health and for handling menopause, menstruation, wanting to get pregnant – the whole thing – is sleep.

Not even exercise. So, I can’t make money out of you from sleep. So, this is an extra recommendation.

It’s sleep. It’s diet. It’s exercise. The pyramid is sleep, diet, exercise, and supplements come kind of at the top of the pyramid.

It’s the glazing on top of the cherry – not even the cherry on top of the cake. But supplements can help. If you have a health issue they can become very, very helpful, but our food is just not the same as our food used to be.


Cath: And as you just mentioned with often with the added stress, we’re not digesting things and absorbing the amount of nutrients that we need from our food. And I’m completely with you.

I take supplements myself and I feel better for it. I’ve got an incredibly busy lifestyle, and I have certain digestive issues sometimes. So, I’m all for it.


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