Karin Lost 20kg to Feel Great Again at 52

Karin was tired of being tired.

The 52-year-old management consultant was grumpy, miserable and low on energy most of the time.

Many busy professionals just accept this as ‘the way it is’ – but Karin wanted to change things and regain her vitality and fitness.

She decided she was ready to devote three hours a week to improving her health and started her journey with Ultimate Performance.

The difference it has made is incredible. Now after 23 weeks and 20kg down and she is a woman transformed.


“Once I saw in the mirror my body changing for the better, it became a piece of cake to stay on the diet and I started enjoyed my PT sessions increasingly more as not only my weight dropped but my posture, muscle and overall well-being increased.

“Losing the first 10 kg felt marvellous and I pictured myself as someone who has just shred a big bucket of sand.

“Once I hit my 15 kg mark, my colleagues started to notice and accepted that my ‘strange’ diet is working.

“Now I am reaching my 20kg mark and feel fantastic – both physically and mentally.”

Despite a busy career, which involves regular international travel across the ASEAN region and beyond, Karin proves that you can transform your health and your body by just investing a couple of hours a week in yourself.

Here she explains how much has changed since she started training with UP and the benefits of hard work in the gym and getting in control of her diet…

What were your motivations for starting your body transformation?


I felt grumpy, miserable and always tired and in February this year realized that I am tired of “being tired”. I have actively looked for ways to get back in shape and my current gym and trainer helped with some flexibility and functional aspects but not with overall and holistic improvements.

By accident, I came across a UP ad and checked out the website and thought “oh dear, some of these women look like you … and see what happened to them!” Hence I met with Chris and my journey towards my younger, leaner, healthier and happier self began.

How were you feeling physically and mentally before starting with UP?

I felt constantly tired and exhausted and often had to drag myself through the day. After my PT sessions I felt well or a few hours but the next days I had to cope with aching muscles and experienced not much progress.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before UP?

Given my work as a management consultant, I am eating out frequently and have to travel on one-day trips within ASEAN as well as longer intercontinental trips. Hence it was a mix of either nice hotel food, snacks or other available food options close to the office, such as sandwiches. I tried to eat my greens but later realized that my carb portions were much too big and did no good to my blood sugar levels and all the consequences.


How did your diet and lifestyle change with UP?


The most profound change in my diet was the increase of protein in form of eggs and meat. Aside from cutting out all carbs from grains, I stopped eating milk products and in the beginning, had to force myself to eat meats at least twice a day.

Furthermore, I started my day with fresh-pressed green juice of mainly celery and cucumber which mentally helped me to start the day clean and fresh.

Melvyn gradually added supplements which helped with different body functions. I could feel the positive effects of an ultra-low diet after a few short days and that experience helped me to get going.

My trainer Melvyn has been a marvel and he has patiently helped me along the way and nudged me in the right direction. He put me on this veggie-meat based diet with no fruit or any other trimmings and added piece by piece additional fruit and nuts over time to increase the variety.

How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle

My work is important for me, however, I realized that something is wrong if I can’t even attend a gym three time a week. I decided to prioritize my health and happiness and attending UP sessions become part of achieving these goals. After each session, I began to feel more energized and no longer drained and exhausted.

What were your results like after your transformation?

Mental clarity, better focus and concentration and much more comfortable in my own body.


What were the most important things you learned?

I learned to trust myself that if I put my mind to something, I can achieve it and that age is a number which says little about how you actually feel.

Then there are two men in life who made this transformation possible: first and foremost my husband who supported me all way and encouraged the changes and second, Melvyn, my trainer, with whom I had the right personal chemistry to go through the steps, measurements, training sessions and tons of laughs while he joked about my clothes getting looser every week and me gaining confidence.

The mix of exercise and diet works, but only if you really commit to it as your trainer can only coach you – the running, you have to do yourself.

Graph showing Karin’s changes in body fat (yellow) and body weight (blue) over the final 15 weeks of her transformation on UP’s own BodyProphet transformation monitoring app.


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