Joe Warner – Out of shape to cover model in 12 weeks







Joe Warner, deputy editor of Men’s Fitness magazine and cover model. "I approached Nick Mitchell to discover whether it was possible for me to transform my physique from out-of-shape journalist to cover model in 12 weeks". 

I wasn’t sure it was possible. He had no doubts from the start. He was right. I was wrong. Nick is not only the UK’s number one personal trainer and body composition expert because of his extensive knowledge, but also for the way he is able to make you train so much harder than you thought you were capable of.

He inspired me to push myself to the limit each and every session and I was amazed by how quickly my body changed shape. His incredible expertise in training, nutrition, supplements, hormones and a host of other factors linked to getting an incredible physique was the key to me building the body I always wanted; but never thought I would get. In just 12 weeks I lost 8kg of fat, added 10kg of muscle and ended up on the front cover of Men’s Fitness magazine.

"I don’t for one second believe that there is another trainer in the UK capable of getting such phenomenal results. He is, without question, the king of body transformations".

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