Jenny’s Fitness Journey: Week 5) Feeling Proud of My Body

This week has been all about gratitude for me. I’m grateful for so many things since starting my transformation; from the people around me, to my trainer pushing me to always achieve my best. 

As week five of my transformation draws to a close, for the first time in a long time, I’m learning to really love this body I’ve been given. What new found respect I have, for what my body is capable of. I started this transformation looking for the perfect ‘after’ and now, coming up on the half-way mark, I’ve already found so much more than that. Here’s how this week has been for me, and what I’m feeling grateful for.

There have been so many ups and downs already, but this week was an all-round great week. I’m trusting the process, I’m seeing results and I’m finally finding things in life to enjoy that don’t revolve around food!

Since the start of my transformation process, my friends and family have been nothing but supportive. With my Thai boxing background, they are used to me embarking on challenges and testing my discipline. This time, however, the process is twice as long (a fight camp is usually just six to eight weeks).

I’m seriously grateful for all the support I’ve received so far; encouragement and patience when I’m not feeling great and mirroring my enthusiasm when I’m on a high. 

This week I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body suddenly, and thanks to the comments from my colleagues I am starting to believe in them!

On Friday night, I stayed over at Sam’s (who you’ll know from her own amazing transformation last year!) and we went out for dinner. Being the top friend that she is, she picked somewhere suitable for me to eat (macro-counted) and shared a camomile tea before bed. Not the crazy Friday night I’m sure many of you are used to, but a lovely evening nonetheless. 

I’m grateful for friends that understand that I’m focused on my path to an incredible transformation, and that understand that offering me little treats or excuses is not helpful at all.

I’m also very grateful to my trainer because I am feeling fantastic! Apparently, when it comes to progress, it can take a little longer for women to notice changes compared to men. So, while my body fat has been dropping every week, it can be hard to see visible results when you are scrutinising your reflection every morning. This week it has most definitely happened, I feel lean!

My trainer always pushes me well past my limits, and the buzz that I feel when I hit a new personal best, or I get an extra two reps out of a set is just the best. He is also on hand 24/7 if I have any questions about my food, training or even how I’m feeling about the process.

The biggest thing for me this week happened on Sunday.

To set the scene here, my boyfriend and I had booked onto a rock climbing induction, as it’s something we’ve both wanted to try for a while. We figured it would also be something fun to look forward to (that wasn’t food related) and that would get me manipulating my body and burning some extra calories.

I am, however, pretty fazed by heights.

I’ve never really enjoyed being high up, but I love trying something new, so we turned up to the climbing centre on Sunday afternoon and learnt all about tying knots and belaying. An hour later and we were left to our own devices. So far, I’d gotten halfway up one of the walls and decided that was plenty of height for me.

An hour later and I was at the top of several different walls, with different routes for levels of difficulty under my belt. As the day went on, my confidence grew, and with the encouragement from my other half, I was flying up the walls like Spider-woman!

To say that I felt strong would be a massive understatement. I was comfortably hanging from rocks with one hand, pushing up with my legs and swinging from rock to rock with a strength I’d never had before. I trusted my body to be able to support my weight and manoeuvre up the tricky walls.

At one point, I was hanging from a surface that jutted out at an angle, legs dangling beneath me.

“You can do it, use your strength! Pull yourself up!” shouted Max.

I felt my muscles contract in my back and shoulders and easily swung myself to the next grips. Using my legs to propel myself higher, I reached the top again and abseiled back down. My boyfriend shook his head at me, with disbelief. Considering I’d been scared to get even half-way up only an hour before, I was absolutely in my element. 

The same feeling that I got from pulling a heavy deadlift was coursing through my body – it was pride. I felt strong, and I was so proud of my body and its new capabilities.

With any transformation, there will be much more to it than just changing your appearance. You will gain confidence, strength and a new-found respect for your body. 

It is so important to make the most of your body and to continue to develop its potential abilities. The great thing about UP is that it changes your mindset. You stop limiting yourself, and your self-belief grows quickly with every session.

My final note of gratitude this week goes out to the humble bath bomb. When you need a treat (and you wish it was chocolate) drop a colourful bath bomb into a hot bath and watch the magic happen.

It’s been interesting for me to seek ‘treats’ and positive experiences that aren’t based around food. I’m not greedy it’s just that food is my absolute passion in life. However, there are so many things to look forward to that won’t get in the way of your goals. Whether you sit down with a good book, sink into a hot bath or find yourself scaling a wall – get out there and be happy.

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