It Took Andrew Just 29 Days To Make This Transformation

This is what you can achieve with a world-class personal trainer.

It took Andrew just 29 days to see remarkable results with his physique that he never thought possible.

After less than a month working with Ultimate Performance, the 42-year-old Londoner saw the big changes he had struggled to achieve from years of going to the gym.

“I have been going to the gym on and off now for several years and have never seen these kind of results,” he says.

“It just goes to show that with a great trainer and the right diet, anything is possible.”

Over those 29 days, Andrew has built lean muscle and seen his body fat drop to around 9%, giving him a lean, muscular and athletic look.


His goal coming to UP was to put on some weight and ‘bulk up’.  Central to this goal was Andrew’s diet and the foods he was eating.

“I don’t believe that my diet was that bad before I started at UP in terms of health, I very rarely ate junk or sugary foods.

“My biggest problem was that I skipped meals a lot and only really ate when I was hungry, my trainer Tony told me that this was keeping me from keeping a positive energy balance (a surplus of calories) and that although my diet was ‘healthy’, it wasn't specific enough to my goal.”

A huge part of helping Andrew get such great results was the personalised nutrition plan put together for him by his UP trainer.

It has been a real education for him to learn how to optimise his diet to help him put on lean muscle. He says he is already reaping the benefits.

“I’m much more aware now of energy balance, having a good ratio between protein, fats, carbs and how to manipulate them based on my needs – I had never given any consideration to this before.

“I also know that consuming too many calories will lead to diminishing returns with regards to how fast muscle can grow (which I have a new found appreciation for how hard it is) and unwanted fat gain.

“I eat four meals every day now and even enjoy the treats that I previously thought wouldn't help me achieve my goals, in fact I never seem to stop eating!”


Training with UP has helped develop his physique, his strength and his confidence in a short time too.

Andrew explains that training is tough but it has helped him push beyond the limit to bring him the results he wanted.

“I really enjoy going to the gym now. Don't get me wrong, It's bloody hard work!

"My trainer really pushes me to failure and when I can't do any more he somehow manages to assist me past that. It is painful at the time but temporary, I always leave the gym feeling fantastic!

“I am really pleased with how far I have come. I am so much stronger than I was before and I actually have what could pass as legs now and not sticks.

“I really notice the strength in my legs when I do activities which used to exhaust me. I also feel that my body as a whole is much more in proportion now.”


It’s not just physical results either that Andrew has experienced. Before training at UP, he had been quite self-conscious.

“Physically I had already been going to a gym regularly but never seemed to get very good results. Mentally, let’s just say that I wasn’t very confident about the way I looked, I was very self-conscious about my weight.”

But learning how to master his diet and being able to push himself in training to get results has boosted his confidence.

“Without a shadow of a doubt I am much more confident, I feel much more at ease about the way I look and I’m in a much better headspace than I was when I first started.”

If you're inspired by Andrew's results and you want to see what you can achieve in just four weeks, speak to us about our Personal Training Plans.

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