How to Stay Active over Christmas: 5 Key Tips

Christmas is the time in the year where people relax, eat and drink more, and exercise goes out the window.

But there’s one simple way you can stay healthy, maintain your bodyweight and get yourself in the best position to kick in the New Year – and that’s increasing your daily activity levels.  

Although finding ways to make time for exercise during the festive season can be challenging, it is not impossible.  

Here are 5 tips we use with all our clients to help them stay fit and healthy over the festive period. 

1. Do Something Rather Than Nothing

The worst thing you can do is give in to the ‘all or nothing’ approach. Your routine may be different, and you might be more limited for time than usual, but your mindset should be to look at what you CAN do and start from there, rather than throwing the towel in and doing nothing at all.  

Even if it is just a 20-minute workout or a walk outside, always look to get your body moving in some way every day to increase your daily energy expenditure and lift your mood.  

2. Get Outside

Going to the gym might not always be an option, especially with things like Christmas shopping or a busy social schedule getting in the way.  

This is where getting outside for a walk, run or cycle will help increase your energy expenditure as well as get some much-needed sunlight exposure which helps give you a daily dose of Vitamin D. 

Try doing it first thing in the morning before your day gets too busy and you lose the motivation – not only does it set you off on a positive note for the day, but that early daylight exposure helps better regulate your circadian rhythm which promotes better sleep.   

3. At-Home Workouts

If you cannot stick to your normal training routine due to time constraints and family obligations, look at switching up some days with at-home workouts.  

A 30 to 45-minute high-intensity session at home can be easier to fit into a busy schedule than going to the gym, and it is a great way to increase your energy expenditure, boost your feel-good endorphins, and it costs you nothing. 

You can get creative with household items, like water bottles, tins of food or rucksacks full of books, to add some resistance and make your workouts more challenge 

4. Get Your Family Involved

If you have a big family or children who are full of energy, get them involved too! Including your friends and family is a great way to stay accountable during the festive period and just stay more active in general.  

So, turn off the TV and video games and instead plan activities such as hiking, ice skating, football or cycling that you can do together as a group. 

This is a great way to spend time with loved ones and get all the benefits of exercise.  

5. Don’t Wait for the New Year

You hear it all the time that people want a “fresh start” come January 1st – but why wait? Start incorporating those better habits now and set yourself up for success. 

Small changes you can stick to consistently over time will make the biggest difference. 

So, enjoy the festive period, but stay active, keep up healthy habits and it will allow you to continue to work towards your goals in the process.  

You will be in a much healthier and happier position come January 1st to push on to your New Year fitness goals as a result. 

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