How Juny Regains Her Body Confidence Through Weightlifting

From feeling depressed about her body to feeling stronger and fitter than ever, it’s amazing how much Juny changed in just 12 weeks.

Juny was unhappy with her figure and felt badly out of shape after a stressful move to Dubai with her husband.

Three months away from the gym and eating out almost every day took its toll on her health and her body

But 12 weeks at UP Dubai changed all that. Juny’s hard work and discipline in the gym and in the kitchen got her back in amazing shape. 

Juny says it has helped win back the body confidence she felt she’d lost.

“I feel much more confident and proud of my commitment to this project. 

“I’ve re-learned that you are what you eat. I knew that diet is more than 80% of the body transformation, but I just couldn’t keep it right, and there was no motivation before I started this project. 

“Through this 12-week program, I got back my confidence in my body and training. I will definitely keep my body healthy and looking good.”


Seeing how far Juny has come in such a short space of time is a testament to her hard work and commitment to her transformation.

When she first came through the doors at UP, she says she was in bad shape and was unhappy because of it.

“My husband and I had a hard time because of my husband’s work situation. 

“We were drained every day, mentally and physically. We completely stopped training for three months, went out for a meal or drinks every day. 

“I was quite depressed about my body shape as I could see and feel that it was completely out of shape.”




Juny knew about UP’s reputation for results after her husband trained at UP Singapore, so her expectations were high of what she could achieve together with UP. 

“I expected to lose weight, body fat and gain muscle mass at the same time, which I knew took more time and was hard to achieve. 

“My motivation was getting back to my best body shape when I trained for a bodybuilding competition.”

UP instantly helped Juny gain control back over her diet and get her eating the foods that she needed to nourish her body, lose weight and fuel her performance in the gym.

Going from eating out most of the time and having a drink every day, Juny quickly mastered the diet which helped her achieved such impressive transformation results.

“I started thinking about the balance between nutrition and tried to eat regularly. 

“My lifestyle was like an athlete who spends most time training. I spent some extra hours completing my daily steps and cardio, even after training sessions. 

“I stopped drinking and eating out completely, and focused on the project.”


The impact that it had on Juny’s health, performance and body composition was almost instantaneous. Her body responded to the changes in diet and training, and the results came thick and fast.

“After six weeks, I lost 4kg and 8% of body fat. I could see that my body shape started changing.

“My skin was softer, and I started seeing definition on my upper body.”

Her final results saw her lose 8kg and almost halve her body fat during her time at UP. It wasn’t just the way she looked that changed – Juny achieved her goal of getting stronger in the gym.

“I saw a big difference in my shoulders, which was my weakest body part for years.  Also, I saw increased strength, generally, on the weights every workout.”

Juny said her training programme was challenging but incredibly effective at shedding fat and getting her the body she wanted.

“I think the training was effective. I haven’t done this kind of intensive training before, and it was a good experience. I was in between jobs, so could commit the steps goal, however, completing the daily steps were not easy.”

She added: “A 100% healthy diet and training-committed lifestyle was not easy, it was stressful sometimes, but worth the effort.”

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