How 54-Year-Old Yves Took His Body to the Next Level

Fifty-four years old and in phenomenal shape!

Yves has built the ultimate body with hard work, dedication and consistency.

The busy City worker first came to Ultimate Performance carrying excess body fat, with a poor diet and with the modest goal of getting healthier for his two children. Completing an initial six-week transformation and losing 10kg showed him what was possible.  

Fast forward 18 months and Yves has progressed further than he ever thought possible.

The father-of-two has gone from strength to strength in the gym and built a mind-blowing physique as he approaches his 55th birthday.

How has he progressed since his first transformation at UP?

What constants in his training and nutrition have taken his body to the next level?

How has he kept on building and improving his physique? Yves explains all here….


What was your goal on your transformation at UP?

The main goal for the current transformation was to put on as much lean muscle as possible and then to lose body fat in preparation for the next transformation.

What results did you achieve?

Based on my previous transformation pictures, my overall muscle mass has increased and my body fat percentage is down again following the bulk.


What were the most powerful lessons you learned on training?

The most powerful lessons I have learned about training are to focus to ensure I am engaging the correct muscle and using the correct movement to train that muscle.

Then also to push beyond my perceived limits up until I lose form.

But it is a constant learning process, I learn something new at every training session.

What were the most powerful lessons you learned on diet and nutrition?

I have learned what I need to do to put on weight or to give me the extra energy required for certain training phases and what I need to do to lose body fat.

Plus I learned the effect of alcohol on the body.

How has your lifestyle changed after your UP transformation?

Not only do I feel better in myself, I am more confident as I get comments from friends and colleagues about the way I look.

I watch what I eat, as I know what I need to put into my body in order to get the maximum out.

How has what you learned at UP helped keep you in shape?

I believe correct form and correct nutrition are paramount to succeeding in achieving my goals.

I have trained for years before UP just routinely lifting weights and eating what I thought was a healthy diet.

My weights halved when I started with my trainer Matt at UP as he showed me how to lift properly and how my diet fuels growth or loss.

What are the key things that have helped you maintain your physique and stay in shape?

My adherence to the skills I have learned make it easy to maintain my physique; I know how to train and what to eat.

But the finer tweaks and varied weight training sets given to me by my trainer Matt keep me in the best shape I can be.

What is your training and diet like now?

My training now is harder than ever. I have new goals that I could not have dreamed of a few years ago.

To achieve these goals I have to focus on instruction, form and diet more than ever before.


What fitness goals are you now aiming for?

I have just under a year to achieve a physique fit for competition.

What does it feel like being in control of your diet and knowing how to train properly to stay in great shape?

It feels great knowing how to train properly. People start to watch you in the gym and ask you for advice.

The diet can be difficult at times with work social events and being out with friends, but you learn what you can do and what you shouldn’t… the decision is then yours.

What would you say to anyone who thinks results you get at UP are not sustainable?

I don’t understand that – if you can get the results once, what have you changed since then that does not allow you to continue to achieve results.

I do believe it is harder to achieve quite the same results training alone, as a coach pushes you to get those extra reps.

But you have learned correct form, and nutrition, so continue doing more of the same.

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