Health vs. Money: What’s More Important?

Paying your taxes

You’re always paying them and the only way to stay on top and not end up in trouble is to stay up to date, never stick your head in the sand, and follow the rules.

The tax that we all pay for the use of our bodies needs the same amount of respect, reverence, and yes, sometimes, even fear.

Putting off today what you think you can do tomorrow; ignoring expert advice because you think you can do it all yourself; not investing for a rainy day. All of these concerns can apply just as much to your health as to your financial affairs.

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If you’re switched on, balance your household budget, and keep a regular eye on your financial obligations, surely you should be doing the same with your health?

I can assure you that when it comes to the battle between health and money, health wins every single time.

Invest in yourself.

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