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8 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated During Ramadan

Ramadan is a special time for millions of Muslims around the world and is a period of devoted worship and self-reflection. Fasting is at the heart of the 30-day period, where Muslims will refrain from consuming food and drink from dawn until sunset. These long hours with no food and water can be challenging in […]

Sleep: How to Break the Snoring Cycle

The relationship between being overweight and snoring is often an overlooked matter – however, where fat is distributed on our bodies can dictate whether we snore and, in some cases, sleep apnea (when you stop breathing while you are asleep).  When we are overweight, our neck fat can cause direct compression of the upper airway, particularly when we are lying […]

4 things science says about sleep for better fat loss, hunger control and gym performance

What if we told you there was a supplement that could help you lose fat more effectively, better control your appetite, maintain muscle mass and improve your performance in the gym?   You would think that it’s too good to be true, right?   Well, actually there is something that can help you do all this, and more – […]

Gemma Atkinson: How Food Can Affect Your Mood

Times are tough for so many people right now.  Many of the things that give us meaning, joy and connection in life are on hold, and this can have an impact on our mood and sense of wellbeing.   But there are still things within our control that can help support our mood and mental health through even the most challenging times – the […]

6 Steps You Can Take Today to Go from Couch Potato to Crushing it in the Gym

Life has been tough for everyone over the past 12 months during the coronavirus pandemic.  Normal life was suspended, fitness goals put on hold and healthy diets went out of the window for many of us, and our health and wellbeing may have suffered as a result.   But with a return to normal on the horizon and our Ultimate […]

Are Naps Good for You?

Sleep enables us to function and perform at our absolute best, and experience a greater overall quality of life. Is the same true for naps, or do they do more harm than good?

Sleeping in Self Isolation

Sleep is important for both immunity and overall health. As such, we need to consider how to efficiently and effectively adapt our sleep while self isolating during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

How Sleep Helps Your Immune System

The impact that sleep has on our health and overall physiology appears to have no bounds. Research has shown this time and time again, so it is no wonder that sleep plays a role in immune functioning – something which is of particular interest now, as the world faces a COVID-19 pandemic.  People worldwide have […]

5 Ways to Relax & Sleep Better

Are you laying in bed every night unable to stop thinking about what youve done today, what you need to do tomorrow…

Can Lack of Sleep Cause You to Gain Weight?

If you’re struggling to lose weight, a big factor could be your sleeping patterns. This is why…

The Most Important Lifestyle Improvements You Can Make

This is the most important lifestyle improvement you can make for weight management and productivity…and it’s free

Sleep & Weight Loss: What’s the Connection?

Correct sleeping pattern is absolutely critical to good health and obtaining fitness goals, here’s how and why..

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