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6 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health at Christmas

Christmas is full of joy and celebration for many across the world; however, it can also be very challenging for those already going through difficult times.   If you do find yourself feeling low, anxious or stressed during the festive season, remember that you are not alone.   Here are some things you can do now to be proactive and support your mental wellbeing.   1. Stay in Touch Never underestimate the positive impact of social connection.   We live in a day and […]

How to Stay Active over Christmas: 5 Key Tips

Christmas is the time in the year where people relax, eat and drink more, and exercise goes out the window. But there’s one simple way you can stay healthy, maintain your bodyweight and get yourself in the best position to kick in the New Year – and that’s increasing your daily activity levels.   Although finding ways to make time for […]

Why We’re Shouting About Menopause

A significant juncture in a woman’s life with far-reaching implications for physical and mental health, one we are happy to shine a light on.

Menopause: The Lowdown

Understanding what happens during menopause, namely the physiological and psychological processes that occur and how these affect women’s long term health.

Menopause: Supporting Women to Build Life-Long Health

We have helped countless women turn the tide on menopause and discover their power when it comes to creating positive health after the change, here’s how.

Stress: The Silent Killer

Many factors explain poor mental health. One of the most impactful is stress, but how does it affect our physiology? And how can we manage it in the long-term?

6 Strategies for Improving Mental Health

While the causes of mental health issues are complex, these strategies can alleviate the cognitive load many of us bear before it spirals out of control.

An Infectious Diseases Consultant on COVID-19

An infectious diseases consultant and former U.P. client writes about the importance of optimising health to protect against the ravages of COVID-19.

Low Vitamin D and COVID-19: How to Protect Yourself

Over 60% of people have ‘insufficient’ or worse levels of vitamin D in their body, putting them at greater risk of hospitalisation from COVID-19.

An Infectious Diseases Consultant on COVID-19

An infectious diseases consultant and former U.P. client writes about the importance of optimising health to protect against the ravages of COVID-19.

Why Hydration Matters

Hydration is crucial, but that statement alone gives rise to a whole host of questions – the most common of which are answered right here, with sources for every major claim we make.

Beating COVID-19 Over the Counter

A recent study (pre-publication) conducted at Singapore General Hospital showed that a simple combination of readily available vitamin-based supplements can have a MAJOR beneficial effect on the outcome of hospitalisation for COVID-19 symptoms. In their study, out of 26 patients who were not treated with a combination of vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12, 16 […]

Lies, Damned Lies and WHO Statistics

World Health Organisation policy is misleading. Why count every death as a COVID death just because it might be a cofactor, but without testing to be completely sure?

The Cure for COVID-19

The cure for COVID-19 is right in front of our noses, and always has been. It is a cure that is simple, free, and available to anyone right away. The majority of people won’t like it, though.

Comorbidities Are the Real COVID-19 Risks

“Almost nobody is dying of COVID-19. They are dying of comorbidities. COVID-19 just makes the process more sudden”. True or false? Joe Halstead digs in to find out.

Alcohol: More than Extra Calories

Not only is alcohol calorific, regularly drinking alcohol has been shown to negatively impact fat loss, health, body composition and strength.

“Experts”, Broscience and COVID-19

There are no experts on COVID-19, or the virus that causes it. Not yet, anyway. So why are scientists being quoted without evidence to back up their claims?

Are All Lives Equal?

It’s not that it is impossible to put a price on human life, just difficult and contentious. Let’s give it a go, shall we?

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