Fitness Instagrams: Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See

Heavily curated moments that amplify the good times are not the reality. But, seeing everyone else having such an amazing life, all with blessed relationships with beautiful people in fantastic shape, can mess with anyone’s head.

I’ve posted a few pictures of me in paradise recently (Bahamas), all of which are wholly accurate but only take in a mere snapshot of my experience. The reality is that I was in the Bahamas to get medical treatment, and every morning for two weeks I was in the hospital. I’m not telling you this for attention, I’m telling you so that it might help just one person whose head gets messed up seeing the perfect lives of the perfect people and thinks ‘where did I go so wrong?’

We all have our problems. No one’s life is perfect. Nor do any of us have the monopoly on bad luck. The only comparison we should draw is with ourselves to push us to our best lives. Keeping up with the Joneses is a disaster on a local level, but on a global social media scale, it’s a full-blown mental health epidemic.

P.S. – well wishes are always gratefully received but I’m not in for anything overly sinister so please don’t bombard me with emails. I’ll be ignoring doctors orders and smashing out a workout today, so I’m not at death’s door.

P.P.S. – it was two weeks in the Bahamas in October or two weeks in the UK for the same treatment. Lucky, lucky me getting to choose this option!

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