Scott's Fat Loss Body Transformation Story

Welcome to our inaugural Fat Loss Transformation Success story. For quite some time now I have been meaning to showcase some of the quite amazing body transformation results enjoyed by some of our Ultimate Performance clients. I am known for working with top models and physique athletes but as inspirational as their bodies are I can appreciate that sometimes the super lean / shaped and toned / most muscular look can seem slightly other worldly to most onlookers. In fact, once too often have I been asked if I ever work with so-called “regular people”. So let’s get this straight once and for all I derive my most significant enjoyment and job fulfillment from helping ordinary people make extraordinary changes. Yes, I also love working with serious athletes, but in all fairness if that was my main goal I would close down my London based personal training gym and move to the United States to work with the NFL or NBA! But let us also be clear, I am the personal trainer people come to see when they want to go from being “good enough” to superlative, and if you are uncommitted you are simply better off choosing a less demanding personal trainer / personal training business.

Now that we have that preamble over with, let's get down to business and introduce you to the startling fat loss transformation of Scott. The results you can see in the accompanying photographs appear remarkable, but they should be commonplace in the fitness world if:
1) personal trainers were better trained and educated themselves. 
2) people started being sensible and logical about fat loss and ditched fad diets and quick fix gimmicks.
3) Discipline was readily available and clients listened to their personal trainers. HINT the latter part of this last point is of paramount importance. The most important thing for anyone thinking of working with a personal trainer is to find someone you respect and whose advice you will listen to.

When Scott first visited me at my old stomping ground, London’s famous bodybuilding gym Muscleworks in Bethnal Green, he was not in the best of shape. I am being kind 29% body fat is pretty awful by anyone’s standards especially when you take into account the fact that he already been on a health drive to get down to that level of body fat! The challenging thing for Scott was that he hadn’t really been eating a “bad diet”, just a regular one. Unfortunately for him his BioSignature information* told us loud and clear that he has a genetic predisposition to insulin resistance (carbohydrate intolerance) meant that the daily lunch trip for a Pret a Manger sandwich resulted in nothing but an accumulation of fat around the love handles. Compound this with the fact that he had no sporting/athletic background whatsoever and is by nature a gentle character not given to the controlled aggression and focus necessary to achieve the best possible results, for fat loss focused weight training and you had a real challenge!

To cut a long story short, the man who left my gym to return to his native USA was unrecognisable from the softer, unhealthier and less assertive individual whom I had first met a few months previously. You can see from the accompanying photographs just how startling has been Scott’s fat loss, but I also observed a big change in his personality. When he first started training with me everything was very self-contained and, not surprisingly given the hardcore nature of the Muscleworks Gym environment, reserved. Fast forward a few months and the man who couldn’t push himself hard in the gym and who gave up halfway through even his warm-up sets had more than doubled his physical strength and most impressively to me was now capable of pushing himself to the limit through the hardest of even my workouts. And I am not exactly an easy, “softly softly”, type of personal trainer. For some people progress in the gym comes easily, but Scott had to graft for every ounce of muscle gain and every pound of fat loss. Yet step by step he did it and should take immense credit for a hard job fantastically well done. He has had to juggle a busy career as a corporate lawyer at an incredibly stressful time in the financial markets with making radical changes to his body and to almost every one of his normal day to day habits. At times I know it was extraordinarily tough for him, and I am sure that many, many times he wanted to quit during our workouts, but he kept his chin up and fought on though to the very end. I take my hat off to him and hold him up as inspirational example to all of us looking for self-improvement.

I will be featuring a new section in our main London personal training website on our personal training success stories where you can read more from people like Scott in their own words. In the meantime here is an example of what he has to say about his remarkable physical transformation:

In his own words:
“My results have been, for the most part, incredibly tangible. I’m literally three-quarters the man I used to be I dropped about three and a half stone (50lbs) of bodyweight but actually put on 12lbs of muscle so my real fat loss was 62lbs! Cut my body fat from nearly 30% to around 15% and have gone from wearing XL shirts and 38 inch trousers to Mediums and 30s (on a good day!). I’m also happy that I’ve managed to start to like going to the gym and working out. I was most definitely not a fan of physical effort, but now I feel like something is missing if I’ve not been to the gym. That’s a pretty great achievement.

Given that I was pretty much a complete idiot fitness-wise, I am really pleased that I now feel “at home” in a gym. I may not be putting up huge weights and I am certainly no expert, but I can hold my own. One of my main goals“ aside from improving how I look and feel“ was to learn what to do in a gym and I think I’ve learned that.

Bottom line: if you’re willing to make a real commitment, you will get real results.”


*Please note, these articles on BioSignature Modulation are maintained for historical interest and no longer reflect our current practices. We do not endorse BioSignature as a methodology.