Elaine’s Toned New Body Shows What Weightlifting Can Do

A London banking assistant has forged an incredible new body lifting weights for the first time in her life.

Elaine had never been near a gym before, but after just 12 weeks of training with Ultimate Performance she made a stunning transformation.

She feared weightlifting would make her ‘bulky’, but she lost 7kg in just 12 weeks on her UP training programme which she said made her stronger, fitter and more toned than ever.

“For women, I would definitely recommend Ultimate Performance,” she says.

“I used to think weight training would make me bulky, but I’ve got the skinniest arms in the world, so it’s not true at all.

“Going to the gym and lifting doesn’t make you bulky, it makes you badass, and that’s the main thing. You really learn to kick ass and you look good doing it.”

“The main thing I’ve got out of it is that I like lifting weights because I get stronger. You get to have the body you want, but you’re stronger for it.”

Before she came to UP, Elaine says she lived an unhealthy lifestyle eating junk food.

It was only when she realised the effect it was having on her health that she finally decided to do something about it and take on a 12-week personal training package at UP.

‘I came to UP because I got quite fat.

“I used to eat a lot of burgers, chips, kebabs – everything you could think of – and go out drinking.

“I never even thought ‘oh I’ll just have a salad and be good today.’ I would literally just eat what I wanted. If there’s a cookie, it’s gone.

“I just decided ‘okay. Enough. I’m going to do something about it.'”

It was a big step for Elaine even to sign up for personal training as she’d never been in a gym before.

But UP’s world-class personal trainers soon made her feel very much at home.

“I really was concerned about coming in because I’m not good at exercising and I’m not very sporty and I didn’t know if I would be able to do it, but if you don’t try, how will you ever know?

“I wanted to change my lifestyle and so I expected to have a completely different diet. I knew that would have to change. I was kind of semi-prepared for that.

“I’ve never been in a gym before, to be fair, and I’d always said I would never be in a gym.”

Training with UP, cleaning up her diet and lifting weights proved to be an effective combination to get Elaine in the best shape of her life.

“I lost 7kg. I think the main thing for me was two dress sizes down. So I was quite heavy and I don’t like to see the pictures. But being able to see the ‘after’ pictures is the main thing.

“From start to finish, when you can see the before and after pictures, you notice a huge difference and how much you’ve achieved in that short time.”

Her friends and work colleagues have noticed the difference too and have been impressed by how quick she achieved her results.

“When people see you, it speaks for itself. When people are like ‘wow! What have you done?’ Every time people see me they can see it in my face, in my clothes. It’s amazing that people can see the change straight away.”

It’s not just had a profound physical effect on Elaine, but her whole mindset has changed too.

Just 12 weeks before she had never set foot in a gym, but now Elaine relishes lifting weights, getting stronger and seeing how far she can push herself to progress.

“Doing it has been so worthwhile. I think now I exercise on my own. I want to push harder.

“So I think it’s given me that competitive edge to push further, just because you can. If you can’t, at least you’ve tried.

“The main thing you learn about during this is how hard you can push yourself, even when you want to give up, you’re not allowed to give up, it’s just not a choice.”

Gym beginner Elaine is proof that absolutely anyone can achieve outstanding results at UP. If you’re ready to start your own body transformation journey with UP, talk to us about our Personal Training Plans, or simply enquire on the link below and tell us your goals…

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