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How to Avoid Man Boobs

Learn more about why our clients don’t have man boobs

Nick Mitchell: The Biggest Fitness Marketing Lies

Find out what Nick Mitchell has to say about the Fitness Marketing industry and what he dislikes about it

Nick Mitchell: Beware of Coaches Who Teach Beyond Their Pay Grade

The education of a great personal trainer and the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’

Nick Mitchell: Ethics in the Fitness Industry

Learn about the ethics involved in the fitness industry and the rules we play by at UP Fitness.

Natural Remedies for PMS

We at UP Fitness share a number of natural remedies to help you overcome PMS

The Truth About Hyperplasia

Learn more about Hyperplasia and what the advantages and disadvantages are in relation to building muscle

Sports Specific Personal Training

Learn about the sports specific personal training

A Guide to Eating Like an Eskimo

What is an Eskimo Diet? Learn everything that you need to know about this diet and how it can be applied into your diet

U.P. Fitness Book Recommendations

Looking for the best strength and fitness books containing the most valuable knowledge on physique? Here’s our list..

Nick Mitchell Interviews Charles Poliquin: Part 4

Pt 4/5 Charles Poliquin interview discussing Anabolic steroids, the future of hypertrophy and olympic lifting.

Nick Mitchell Interviews Charles Poliquin: Part 3

Charles Poliquin interview 3/5, he and Nick Mitchell discuss ‘guruism’, calorie counting and CrossFit.

Nick Mitchell Interviews Charles Poliquin: Part 2

Part 2/5 of Nick Mitchell interviewing Charles Poliquin, they discuss steroids, haters and Lance Armstrong..

Nick Mitchell Interviews Charles Poliquin: Part 1

Nick Mitchell interviews iconic Strength Coach, Teacher of countless Personal Trainers, Charles Poliquin. Part 1 of 5

The People You Should Not Listen to in Fitness!

UP Founder Nick Mitchell discusses the people you should NOT listen to in the fitness industry!

Diet or Training: Which Is More Complicated? (Part 2)

UP founder Nick Mitchell brings part 2 into which is more complicated, diet or training.

Diet or Training: Which Is More Complicated? (Part 1)

UP Founder Nick Mitchell gives you the lowdown on why training is actually SO much more complicated than dieting!

How Important Is Range of Motion for Muscle Building?

Is range of motion important for muscle building? If so, how important? Nick Mitchell discusses this topic in detail.