Health and Wellness Programmes

“Mens sana in corpora sano”

The importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body has never been so well understood as it is today. A fit and active workforce is a productive workforce and it behoves every responsible employer to cater to their employee’s health and well being.

In July 2004 a Labour Research document entitled “Taking the Stress out of Work” concluded that staff turnover and absences due to stress cost British firms £1.3 billion pounds and 90 million absences every year. If something as common, and as readily treatable (and preventable) as a bad back is alone said to cause a staggering 18 million sick days it only seems logical and financially prudent to put a plan into action that would drastically curtail such absences.

A well delivered health and well being strategy for your company should help improve the company “feel good factor” to keep sick days to a minimum by:

Reducing stress related illnesses – countless studies have proven that the body’s ability to cope with stress is dramatically improved by systematic regular exercise and a sensible and balance nutritional plan.

Energising the working environment – the mid afternoon office slump can easily be rectified with sensible and practicable on site nutritional offerings. This isn’t as complex as it may sound – simply swapping the vending machine’s chocolate bars for packets of nuts can make a startling difference.

Help foster loyalty and a sense of togetherness from the team.

How we work:

Depending upon the level of service that is looked for we can offer any or all of the following offerings on a corporate scale:

Personal Training
Either within your own gym or externally in any of our 4 London gyms.

Nutritional Management
Bespoke individualised programmes or more general advice on canteen meals, lunchtime options etc. It is a scientifically proven fact that mental acuity can either be massively improved, or subdued, following a meal so the right food choices are supremely important to the productive working day.

Body Fat and Physical Assessments
Where we take and interpret data to give each person the best advice for their own unique biochemistry.

Speaking engagements where we expand on how to eat and exercise for improved well being and increased daily productivity.

Massage and Physical Therapy

“Since introducing our staff to the advice and support of the Ultimate Performance specialists I have been more than impressed with the real and tangible results on staff morale and attendance. With the help of Nick and his team there can be no more “bad back” excuses, and the difference in work day energy levels for all of us, including myself, are fantastic. No more Mars bar cravings or 3pm lulls. Great stuff!”

Ben Farrar, Managing Director, Debt Advisory plc,

If you are interested in discussing our Corporate Health & Wellness Programme with us, please call 020 70331942 or email us and we can organise a consultation at your convenience.