Cabin Crew Nikola Loses 10kg in 8 Weeks To Feel Great

Travelling the world as a flight attendant had caused Nikola to gain weight.


The airline cabin crew member had a busy schedule working irregular hours, often on long flights, and it meant her diet and exercise regime suffered.

Nikola really struggled with her sweet tooth, and controlling her diet with a globe-trotting career wasn’t always easy.

The weight gain and poor diet had left her feeling tired, sluggish and unmotivated, and she wanted to turn things around to get back in shape.

But eight weeks is all it took to sculpt the body she’d always wanted with the help and support of her trainer at Ultimate Performance Dubai.

Now Nikola has shed the weight and is back in stunning shape, while balancing her busy working lifestyle flying around the world.

“I lost over 10kg and toned my body in a way I have always dreamed of.

“I’ve started loving exercise again. I improved my condition, got back to my long distance running, and I gained muscles.

“Overall, I feel super happy, energized and motivated to work on my body more.”



Before starting with U.P, Nikola wanted to lose weight but she didn’t know where to start.

She struggled with the motivation to make the changes herself that she needed.

“Overall, I didn’t feel great.

“The job of a cabin crew member can be challenging in terms of healthy lifestyle.

“My lifestyle was a mess. I tried to stick to my exercise routine, however, I felt constantly tired and got lazy to exercise on regular basis.

“I wanted to lose the weight that I put on during a year working as a cabin crew, however, I didn’t know how to motivate myself and start going.”

The main thing Nikola struggled with was her diet. She’d always tried to eat healthily and stay active.

But being cabin crew and flying to exotic locations around the world made following a diet regime tough.




“I always tried to stick to healthy diet. Nevertheless, when I moved to Dubai and started working as a cabin crew, my diet radically changed.

“I started consuming more food with lots of sugar and fat; my weakness is sweets.

“Most of the time I was eating out in restaurants and wanted to try all the food of new destinations where I was travelling to. So I ended up eating way too much.

“I completely lost it and started to feel tired, unfit and demotivated to follow my exercise routine and diet.”

Nikola wanted to find somewhere that was more than just a gym; more than a place just to go and exercise.

She wanted somewhere that would push her to achieve her goals, support her to make the changes she needed, and give her an education on training and diet that would keep her in great shape for life.

She found that, and more, when she joined Ultimate Performance Dubai.

Her trainer created a diet for her that was right for her body, but also worked around her cabin crew schedule.



She learned how to prep meals, plan her diet around travelling, and what to eat when she was away from home on a layover in a foreign country.

She would pack a protein shake or meal replacement for long-haul flights so she didn’t have to rely on packaged aeroplane meals.

Nikola was even able to send her trainer menus from restaurants she was eating at to find the right meal for her body transformation goals.

“I definitively have a healthier diet now. I am trying to cut out sugars and I am planning ahead with my food when travelling.

“I always prepare my own food on the plane and try not to eat unnecessary snacks.”

A big factor in her impressive eight-week transformation was learning to build in daily activity, like walking or jogging, into her lifestyle while flying abroad.

“There are always training shoes packed into my suitcase to keep active on layovers, as I would rather walk everywhere instead of taking a car.

“When I wasn’t able to train at U.P., I made sure I completed some form of training in my hotel.

“The training itself wasn’t always easy, but it was always fun.

“Sometimes I felt very tired, mainly after flying. But I had my amazing trainer to motivate me and push me to my limits.”




The results of her eight-week transformation with Ultimate Performance speak for themselves – she has gone from feeling overweight and sluggish, to being lean, athletic and motivated.

“I feel strong, energised, and less tired. I am also very happy about how I improved my running.

“I am definitely more confident about my body and I love it!”

The one thing that surprised Nikola about her transformation was how straightforward it was with the help and support of her trainer Jaie.

“At the beginning of the program, I was worried if I would be able to get results with the job I do, because following a balanced diet was something I couldn’t imagine.

“But in the end, it wasn’t that hard. Whenever I was in doubt, I could easily reach my trainer and get quick answer or support. You feel they care about your results.

“It wasn’t always easy, but dedication and results are what keeps you going and want more.

“I achieved my goals and even beyond. Without U.P., I wouldn’t have made it.”

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