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How to Avoid Overtraining

Overtraining is something a professional athlete might experience a few times in their career and is more prevalent in endurance or combat type sports. The signs of an overtrained person are very obvious. Every aspect of their life tends to be affected, like poor sleep, impaired recovery and immune system (cold sores, illness, etc), poor gym […]

6 Steps You Can Take Today to Go from Couch Potato to Crushing it in the Gym

Life has been tough for everyone over the past 12 months during the coronavirus pandemic.  Normal life was suspended, fitness goals put on hold and healthy diets went out of the window for many of us, and our health and wellbeing may have suffered as a result.   But with a return to normal on the horizon and our Ultimate […]

Overcoming Gym Fear: Training at Home vs. Training in the Gym

A common complaint is that people don’t like going to gyms because they think everyone is looking at them as they train. They aren’t, and here’s why.

Personal Training Without Nutrition

Personal trainers offering training without nutrition plans to support the effort you exert are only offering a compromised experience. You deserve better.

Everything You Need to Know about DOMS

Overdoing it in the gym is easily done after an extended break from training. Luckily, it is equally easy to adapt and avoid delayed onset muscle soreness entirely.

Making Progress

When trainers complain about how they can’t get results, there is usually one common cause – a lack of planned, programmed and tracked progression.

How to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness

Ever experienced DOMs (Delayed On-set Muscle Soreness)? It’s painful and no fun at all so here’s some tips to help.

Pre-Workout Prep for Maximum Results

Maximum performance can mean maximum gains. Here’s how to prep to make turn a good session into a great session

The Importance of Progress

Do you spend hour after hour and week after week in the gym? Wondering why you’re not really getting anywhere? The chances are that you’re not alone.

Training the Lower Traps

The what, where and why of training the lower trapezius muscles, and U.P. trainer Elliott Upton’s top tips for training them right.

5 Tips for Maximising Fitness Results

Five tips for maximising results in the gym from U.P.’s Elliott Upton. Simple changes you can put in place to make all of the difference to your success.

Saving Muscle Gains through Ramadan

A tried-and-tested method for preserving strength and volume, and in turn protecting muscle mass throughout Ramadan, created by U.P. personal trainer Tom Hutchinson-Smith.

How to Work Out Effectively at Home

Do we need heavy weights to build muscle? The COVID-19 lockdown puts traditional weight training out of reach for most, so what can we do to workout effectively at home?

What Happens When You Stop Exercising

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, or so they say. No matter how much we might want to exercise, sometimes work commitments, family complications or any number of factors get in the way. Right now, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more people self isolating and […]

Nick Mitchell Explains German Volume Training

A follow up video on German Volume Training(GVT) discussing the basics and how best to implement this into training.

A Guide to Building the Ultimate Back

When building your ideal physique there’s one area that’s too often forgotten in favour of our beloved ‘mirror muscles’…that’s the back. If your back development is lagging, your physique will appear incomplete. Looking at the entire body as a whole, it’s also the one body part that can never be over-developed or become out of […]

How U.P. Trainer Umar Trains During Ramadan

U.P. trainer Umar explains how he trains during Ramadan, while maintaining his progress and muscle building efforts

A Step-By-Step Guide to Split Squat

A step-by-step guide to mastering the split squat – how to set up, how to perform the exercise and top trainer tips.

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