Beating COVID-19 Over the Counter

A recent study (pre-publication) conducted at Singapore General Hospital showed that a simple combination of readily available vitamin-based supplements can have a MAJOR beneficial effect on the outcome of hospitalisation for COVID-19 symptoms.

In their study, out of 26 patients who were not treated with a combination of vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12, 16 went on to require either oxygen therapy or intensive care support, versus only 3 (out of 17) who did receive the vitamin supplements.

This is a far better outcome than many of the anti-viral treatments being tested. In the conclusion to their paper, Wen Tan et al. write that patients treated with vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12 “were significantly less likely to require oxygen therapy compared to controls”, providing “early positive evidence of an immune-modulatory approach to ameliorating severe outcomes in COVID-19”.

This is what we’ve been saying at U.P. since the start of the COVID pandemic – reduce inflammation and you get two benefits:

1 – reduced susceptibility to many lung infections including SARS-Cov-2

2 – reduced risk of a ‘cytokine storm’ causing extreme lung or organ damage due to inflammation – meaning a greatly reduced risk of the need for serious hospitalisation.

Vitamin D, especially in combination with magnesium and vitamin B12 is known to have protective effects against lung infections, and overall the combination reduces systemic inflammation. Fortunately for U.P. clients we regularly recommend vitamin D, magnesium and B-vitamins as part of their transformation and general health plans.

Other supplements that we regularly recommend to help clients fight systemic inflammation are DHA Concentrate (omega-3s), Omega-3 Concentrate, and curcumin – especially the Longvida version. These are known to greatly help reduce systemic inflammation.

In combination with a healthy diet, especially if you’ve previously been overeating, and along with sensible exercise (especially weight training) these supplements regularly help our clients significantly reduce their inflammation and bring a multitude of health benefits, even outside of COVID-19.