Are You Doing Right by Your Body?

What’s that? Eat loads of good food, train the right way, get stronger and still lose body fat? 

Good, isn’t it! So many of us, including my (old) self, will think that the first thing they need to do to ‘get in shape’ is to eat less or starve themselves – well, good news, you’re wrong. 

Well, not quite. Eat less of the bad stuff and way more of the good.

One of the most common reasons why most people fail in their fat loss/get-in-shape goals is down to doing the wrong things, not seeing results because they’re doing the wrong things, then giving up because even when they’re ‘trying to be healthy’, it’s not working…because they’re doing the wrong things. 

It’s not surprising when there is so much conflicting information out there and so many marketing tricks about ‘healthy juices’, ‘low-fat’ stuff and ‘cheat days’ that quite frankly are a load of absolute rubbish – well, to save you any hassle, there’s only one place you need to get this kind of information from…

Two Weeks of Getting ‘On It’

If you read my last blog you will know that I had a bit of a wobble because, yes, even those who you may think are already ‘in shape’ still have stupid moments, because let’s face it – I had a stupid moment. 

I thought I could keep getting stronger, keep pushing my body, keep dealing with life and stay productive by ‘winging it’ – well I was wrong, wasn’t I?!

Now although it took a good few injuries, some poor attempts at training, several emotional breakdowns and a panic attack to make me realise I wasn’t taking care of myself…I got myself together. 

After realising I was hardly eating anything, not sleeping enough and still expecting my body to perform day in day out, I doubled the amount of food I was eating. 

So now, thanks to the personal trainers at UP, I’m eating more, drinking more water, sleeping better and I feel like I’m on fire everytime I hit the gym floor (in a good way). 

You may be thinking ‘she’s going to be built like a tank at this rate’. Well, don’t you worry about that, because despite the fact it feels as if I’m eating twice my bodyweight in food every day, I’ve actually managed to lose body fat in just two weeks of sorting my shit out and, let’s not forget, building muscle doesn’t just ‘happen’ overnight.

Just two weeks of eating more of the good stuff and I’m already feeling back to my old self again and I managed to lift TWICE MY BODYWEIGHT – 110kg to be exact. 

For those of you who couldn’t care less whether their training sessions go well or not, that’s okay. But now I don’t feel like an angry gremlin when I wake up in the morning, I’m no longer struggling to concentrate at work or worry that I’m not doing enough, and I’m back to annoying everyone with my random bursts of excitement in the office (not everyone benefits from a healthy Sam). 

The thing is, going to the gym isn’t just about going to the gym, it could be about being healthy enough to keep up with your kids? Or in my case, to be able to keep up with my dad.

How Healthy Are You?

So the lesson to you all here is, take care of yourself. Educate yourself on what really is good for you, what you should really be eating and do it.

For example, how many of you eat toast or cereal for breakfast? How many of you have a ‘healthy sandwich’ for lunch? How many of you think a cracking pile of pasta for tea will do you the world of good? 

Have a read of this and see how many of these foods you thought were healthy…and how they’re probably not actually doing you any favours.

Now if you’re wondering, ‘well, what on earth do I eat then Sam?’ Here’s how to create the perfect diet for you.

So, spend less time watching cute animal videos and tagging your friends in memes on Facebook and a little more time learning just how easy it can be to do right by your body.

Do it now! Do it at your next breakfast or your next lunch, and give yourself two weeks (if that) to notice the difference. Rememeber, a combination of eating right and maintaining an active lifestyle is beneficial for your body and will keep you in shape long into the future.

Until next time.


If you’re inspired by Sam’s story and you’re ready to take your training and nutrition to the next level, see how UP can help you achieve your goals.