A Burger for a Vaccine

With the government offering Deliveroo and Uber Eats vouchers to spur young people into getting their vaccines, several public figures have expressed their concerns.

The scheme is set out under the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), leading CEO of Ultimate Performance Nick Mitchell to draw comparisons with the catastrophic ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ idea.

With over 600,000 young people receiving their jab at the end of July, there is undoubtedly some potential behind the idea – but at what cost? Nick Mitchell shared his thoughts below.

“The incredible irony of offering free junk food, in exchange for taking a vaccine for a virus that ravages the obese, should not be lost on anyone.

Double down on that by looking at the UK government’s “eat out (junk food) to help out” subsidy scheme and halving the sales tax for hospitality.

All this, while still levying full VAT on the fitness industry, despite the indoor fitness sector being obliterated by the response to the pandemic.

One day, the fitness industry will provide enough value to get a seat at the table. Until then, I fear we all will suffer from ill-conceived public health initiatives.

Is making the health & fitness industry more accessible to the general public such a crazy idea?!”

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